Meet Nunu

Meet Nunu

by Dorothy
(Central Coast, California)

Nunu has lived with my friend Gigi for 9 years. She is Frank Sinatra’s big sister, and the first of Gigi’s four cats to come live with her. Nunu just showed up one day. She hung out under the parked car in Gigi’s driveway. Gigi said hello, but assumed such a beauty had a home and was just visiting. Gigi had at that time, three not so cat-friendly dogs, and there was no room for a cat, so she thought.

pointed long haired cat Nunu


Nunu continued to hang around, and after a while Gigi noticed she seemed to be losing weight. Naturally, like any animal lover would do she started feeding Nunu. Grateful Nunu was never far from the driveway again. Gigi was worried though, because she knew her dogs were NOT going to ever welcome Nunu into their domain. So she thought.

Gigi tried to find the rightful owner, but alas – Nunu was just another castaway, abandoned to fend for her pretty self. After encouragement from friends, Gigi took Nunu to the vet for spay, shots and all the well cat work up. Nunu had to be kept still and quiet after her operation so Gigi set up the back bedroom suite for her, and smuggled her in past the dogs to her cozy recuperation quarters. Gigi took further precautions and set up a fence around the back of the house so there was no chance the dogs could get to Nunu. Three days past, and all was well.

By the fourth day, every time Gigi would pass by Nunu’s room, she?s see little paws coming under the door, grasping for anything. It was kind of amusing really, but Gigi knew that as long as Nunu was in the house she MUST stay locked in. After a few more hours, with the paws under the door came the talking. “Meow, meowwwww, let me outta here!” Gigi checked the barrier fence, and decided that Nunu would have to see for herself that it wasn’t safe out in the big world of the house.

Nunu and brother Grady
Nunu with newest brother Grady

She opened the bedroom door, out pranced Nunu like a queen, head-butted Gigi’s legs, looked at the dogs on the other side of the barrier, lept over the fence, rolled over on her back…and to Gigi’s amazement (following a moment of horror) the dogs came over and gave Nunu a good sniffing all over, and that was that. Nunu has been the matriarch of the household ever since. She rules the other three cats, and now two different dogs. Her original brothers have all gone to their reward. She decides who sleeps where, and sometimes just chases everyone off the couch or bed so she can have it to herself. She’s quite the lady. And, she is beautiful.


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Meet Nunu

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Mar 14, 2010 Alpha
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

A wonderful story. Even the dogs would sense that this strong lady was to be respected. 🙂
I’ve never lived with dogs so I always though they were born enimies of all cats. The stories here on POC has opened my mind that there is more too their relationship than that. But of course it’s a help if the dog is willing to yield to the Alpha cat…

Finn Frode avatar

Mar 13, 2010 Bob and Tracey
by: Dorothy

Thanks for Commenting on Nunu, and Willie and Joey.

Bob, I just read the story about Princess, and I thought she was exactly like Nunu. I’m glad you wrote that story.

I don’t know if she is part Ragdoll?! She has sort of a Siamese face, but not her body. She’s pretty big, and her hair is long. She’s something though. Quite the attention hog in that household.


Mar 13, 2010 Funny…
by: Bob

Isn’t it funny how it’s usually female cats who will come into a person’s home and just take over? Nunu sounds just like my Princess. She came in and took control of the entire house as well. Sounds to me like Gigi’s cats are spoiled just like mine!

Mar 13, 2010 Another of Gigi’s beautiful cats!
by: Tracey

Dorothy, you’re right, she is very majestic isn’t she?

Very pretty. Do you think she’s a Ragdoll? If she is that could be the reason she rolled over for the dogs. They have a very laid back cattitude.

I love her name too.

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