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  2. Gerard Brewis using jamesgreenstone email.
    Re comment/suggestion on cat-testing made evening 14/9.
    Thanks for your reply. Actually, I wish to exert my right to withdraw the comment /suggestion I made and don’t wish it to be passed on, published or distributed (and, importantly, I Do wish it to be erased) as there are flaws/misunderstandings in it, as I am sure will be seen and I’m sure you would see them too. Please confirm all above.

  3. I love this article Michael and I share your admiration for Sarah. When I first discovered that Mikey was deaf I found very little about his condition on the internet. The information I did find….I found on I have used her site for reference ever since.
    A few months ago I sent her a photograph of Mikey and shared his story…. she asked if she could add him to her deaf cat page ….I still feel honored. 🙂

    • Hi Sarah, like you, I have a considerable collection of cat ephemera, early (cats) children’s books picture greetings cards. So am fascinated to see your history of cat food brands on inter net. I am finishing my social history of cats for publication. Cat food is only a small part but need another 1950’s ad for red heart or Spratts fish. Can you advise where I might research for this? (Some royalties for Cats protection of course)Marilyn.

  4. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit Michael, I love the sound of Sarah and her cats are both beautiful.
    Our car is a beaten up and moody Vauxhall Corsa too, 12 years old but we love him.
    Our late mother came from Galleywood in Chelmsford, moved to County Durham when she and our late dad married.
    We could be relatives 🙂
    How wonderful to have so many books about cats and so many old ones including the very old one by Charles Baker!

  5. Another Chelmsford Hartwell? Not a relative, I’m afraid, as Hartwell isn’t my birth name. I’m only 5’6″ in bare feet and the artificial blonde is growing out. Robust and not feeling the cold are the result of growing up in north Essex and getting my first house – I simply couldn’t afford to use the central heating!

    The fragile book is “Animals; Their Nature and Uses” by Charles Baker. It was published between 1850 and 1870. I somehow inherited it when I was 6 and though there is a missing page, it has survived. I grew up reading this book and “The Children’s Encyclopedia” (Arthur Mee) and “The Wonderland of Knowledge” (Ernest Ogan) which are from the 1930s.

    • I put 5’6″ at first and then raised it 😉

      To me you are pretty robust which I consider to be a good quality.

      I want to thank you again for such an interesting visit. You are an individual and I admire your work a lot.

      I hope my plain writing style was not too difficult to digest.

    • Sarah is a very interesting person. She certainly is not your mainstream sort of person or woman. I guess that comes out in the website.

      Perhaps the overriding thing is her generosity in respect of her time in building her website which does not generate income (directly) and her help at Cats Protection.

      She is a special cat lady.

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