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  1. I inherited 2 cats, Buddy had “pooping issues”. He has megacolon. Went the treatment route, Propulsid and Lactulose twice daily. Worked a while, then back to enemas. Can’t afford surgery, or weekly enemas. My vet was at a seminar w/ news about a new diet. Decided to try it. Put him on Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal Fiber Response formula in addition to his meds. Weekly enemas end! With approval, backed him off his meds .1cc a week. Totally off meds the food worked for a year before I had to start meds again. Food and meds now working! Vet says he should be poster child for the food cause it kept him from being put down due to complications.

    • Thank you Kathy for this information. I love success stories. I’ll consider doing an article on this as a clean and clear positive result is unusual.

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