Meghan, Harry and Cat Wedding Photo

This is a fake Meghan, Harry and cat wedding photo only some people don’t realise it.

Meghan, Harry and Cat Wedding Photo
Meghan, Harry and Cat Wedding Photo
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‘Congratulation to Prince Harry to have his ginger friend by his side, and of course with his bride’. (comment on Facebook).

Note: On Facebook it appears that visitors believe that this is a genuine photo. It is not. The cat – a ginger tabby it seems – has been added using Photoshop editing software. If you look carefully the cat is too large in relation to Meghan. The cat would be a 25 pound moggie which is very rare. And in any case this is simply not real. You would not get this sort of royal wedding photo. It is impossible to imagine it. Maybe that is a bad thing. It would be nice if it was real.

Another give away is the right-hind paw. It does not make contact with the step. It sort of floats above it and it lacks a shadow.

Meghan likes dogs by the way and has a rescue dog, a beagle called ‘Guy’. It was speculated that Guy might have been at one of the wedding receptions. I guess she brought him over to England. She loves her dog companion as much as she loves Harry!

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