Mekong Bobtail – the real legendary Royal Siamese

by Alex Opryatin
(Moscow, Russia)

Mekong bobtail Cofein, blue point, cattery Cofein Pride

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Mekong bobtail Cofein, blue point, cattery Cofein Pride

Mekong bobtail Cofein, blue point, cattery Cofein Pride Mekong bobtail, seal tabby point, Cofein Pride cattery Mekong bobtail cat Airis Alerus Cofein Pride - the first in the world of blue cream torty point color. Cofein Pride cattery. Mekong bobtail cats: chocolite point, seal tabby point, blue cream torty point. Cofein Pride cattery

These days the Mekong Bobtail is seen in Thailand, China, Cambodia - in some of the states, through which the Mekong River flows. The short, broken tail of this pointed cat is considered a sign of belonging to the Royal Siam - those who lived in the palaces of ancient Ayutthaya, guarding the treasure temples and which were accompanied by Thai princesses on walks.

There are many legends about these ancient cats. The broken tail is always present in these stories! Most of the cats removed from the banks of the Mekong in the 19th century, had hooks and shortened tail. This piquant feature seemed to be considered a defect and excluded from breeding programs. And so we first had the traditional apple head, and then the Modern Siamese (slender cat). But the true Royal Siamese (and today - Mekong Bobtail) were doomed to disappear.

Please visit the Mekong Bobtail (Thai Bobtail) website of Cofein Pride cattery:

We have Mekong Bobtail cats of the classical (seal point), rare (blue point, tortie point, tabby point, red point), as well as unique colors (chocolate point, lilac point, cream point).

You can read articles about the breed, the history, origin, nature, colors, news, etc. on the site. There are a lot of professional photos on the site of Mekong bobtail cats and kittens of different colors and ages. The "Mekong bobtails World" project. A large gallery of mekong bobtail photos can be seen on this site:

You are very welcome to visit!

Alex Opryatin

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5 thoughts on “Mekong Bobtail – the real legendary Royal Siamese”

  1. I’d never heard of this breed, but wow! What beautiful cats.

    I especially like the photo of cat sitting on the tree branch. The blue sky backgound, makes the icy blue of the cat’s eyes all the more stunning.


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