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Melanie Griffith shared Mother’s Day photo with mum Tippi Hedren at her big cat sanctuary — 6 Comments

  1. Tippi Hedren is still a stunning looking lady. She has beautiful eyes and her smile looks very warm.

    She was kind enough to reply to me in person when I contacted her regarding declawing. She was active in the campaign to have declawing banned in California and has co-authored a number of Federal bills regarding the welfare of exotic animals and wildlife.

    Tippi Hedren is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

    • She has beautiful eyes and her smile looks very warm.

      Yes, she does have that ‘look’ which is attractive and not damaged by plastic surgery and which shines through despite wrinkles and old skin. I think plastic surgery undermines a person’s appearance. The unnaturalness it creates undermines the natural attractiveness of the human face.

      I am sure a big part of her attractiveness comes from her character and her work in protecting big cats.

  2. I am 67 and I must admit, initially I hated growing old and most especially in my looks. I hated that I had sags and wrinkles and what beauty I once had was fading. However, I am thankfully over that mind set and have just decided that beauty really is only skin deep. I’ve met many senior ladies that have aged so gracefully in the way they carry themselves, their kindness and serenity, and just knowing they enjoy what they’ve become. I am now at peace with my face and my body and work at being the kind of person people remember for extending a helping hand rather than trying to hold on to my youth.

  3. Michael,

    I find your comments about women resorting to plastic surgery to look younger, interesting. The desire from aging women to look younger is driven by a couple of things. One, our culture and probably others, worship youth and a certain definition of physical beauty. As most older women can resonate with, there is a sense of being invisible to men.

    So, the second reason has to do with wanting to still be attractive to men. Although there are some men, like yourself, that may prefer an older woman, with her naturally occurring sagging and wrinkles, most do not.
    Women have been “re-making” themselves in one way or another for centuries.

    The reality is that what we do to enhance our looks is always done for others, since we don’t see ourselves, except when we look in a mirror or another refection of some kind. Although I have to admit that I don’t even wear clothes with stains or holes in them at home, because I don’t like looking at them, so they get discarded or turned into rags. I find that other people don’t mind wearing rags around the house.

    I never wore make-up until I turned 60! I had a friend who would never leave the house without it, and was embarrassed when I saw her face “naked”. The reason I started wearing make-up at 60, was that I met a man who was attracted to that. I actually took a “make-up class” to learn how! It became a playful game, rather than something to be scorned as I’d done in the past.

    For a woman who still feels sexually vibrant, her aging body betrays her. Also, for women who want to continue to be effective in the work world, they find that it’s the more youthful appearance that can prevent them from being discarded.

    The fact that plastic surgery is detectable in many cases, doesn’t prevent men (or women) from being attracted to that beauty, whether in the face or the breasts. Our eyes are the radar for our feelings. Most people would rather look at a fresh flower than a dying one.

    I recently saw a very revealing video called “Are All Men Pedophiles?” It’s available online. It’s based on research and studies of many cultures, and what’s considered pedophilia varies.

    It’s very believable that men are hard wired to seek young women, besides the fact that our culture promotes it.

    I know this isn’t the place to have this discussion, but since you brought it up, I couldn’t help respond.

    • I agree with what you say. I think against the grain. I am looking for a total shift in human thought. I think people should behave differently in many ways including accepting our appearance. The lack of acceptance of our ageing appearance is mainly a Western idea it seems. I like young women but I also like older women whose persona is based upon their character rather than physical appearance. I tend not to see appearance after a short while but see the person instead. Appearance is shallow I believe.

      Brigit Bardot has “aged terribly” according to the media. She has had no plastic surgery. I love that. She has aged wonderfully for me. She loves animals.

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