Memorable appearance of a blind cat in Oman

Moet is a blind cat living in Oman. She is all-white and became blind in both eyes through neglect. We are not told what happened but the blindness is almost certainly due to an untreated secondary bacterial infection after a viral upper respiratory infection.

Extraordinary photo of Oman blind cat: Moet
Moet. A striking face.
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Bacterial infections of the eyes in young cats can destroy the eyes. There are many photos of street cats with damaged eyes caused by infections.

The photo stopped me in my tracks because of the appearance of Moet. I am very sorry to learn of her blindness but her face has an interesting appearance.

She has 50,000 Instagram followers. This is probably because of her appearance. Her cause is good: she wants to make a difference to cat welfare in Oman.

There are a lot of stray cats in Oman. This does not surprise me. Moet’s human guardians want to help a group of volunteers called Omani Paws, an organisation which rescues animals.

Moet lives in a caring home and has a website. She was rescued in 2014 and lives with two sisters: Luna and Lily both of whom are also rescued cats.

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2 thoughts on “Memorable appearance of a blind cat in Oman”

  1. Moet is so happy you’ve featured her.
    She actually went blind from untreated cat flu, as you say and was being left to die in a filthy pet shop cage. Despite this, she fought on and thank goodness she did! She is such a happy, bouncy girl and such a survivor.

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