Memories of Baby Blue

Memories of Baby Blue

by Rhonda

Beautiful Baby Blue

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Beautiful Baby Blue

I am still mourning the loss of my best friend. She was a stray kitten that was found in the parking lot of the school where I teach Science.

She was the most beautiful cat, with dark blue and silver markings, and I think she may have been part Maine Coon.

Her huge plume of silver tail fluff was in constant motion, and she would keep time with my silly songs by flapping her tail in time to the beat.

I have never owned a cat that was so intelligent, she seemed to read my thoughts. This picture was taken after she had escaped the safety of our six-foot wood fence, and had galloped back in with that gorgeous tail curved up and over to one side as if to say "Ha--you are too slow to catch me!"

This scene was repeated many times, despite my warnings of "That is a No No--you will have to go back in the house!" I have so many memories from the past twelve years with her, that it is hard to go through even one hour without missing her terribly.

My thoughts have filled so many pages that I knew the text would be too lengthy to submit. Even though I have several other cats to care for in my household, I will love her and miss her forever.


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Memories of Baby Blue

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Dec 22, 2010 Thank you
by: Rhonda

Thank you for your compassionate words and compliments of my sweet Baby, she is very much in my thoughts. I just wish our time together could have continued for many more years.


Dec 22, 2010 Baby Blue...R.I.P.
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

Rhonda, Your loss is shared by all of us here at PoC. What a magnificent cat! Whether or not she has Maine Coon in her, she is absolutely gorgeous! That photo looks like the type you'd see in a painting.

Baby Blue may have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, but she will always be with you in heart and spirit. Take comfort in the time she was with you. We can tell she loved you very much.

Dec 22, 2010 Thank you
by: Rhonda

I appreciate your thoughts and comments about my sweet Baby Blue. I will try to copy and paste the whole story about this special cat in the future.

Dec 22, 2010 Beautiful
by: Michael

She is simply beautiful. One of the most beautiful domestic cats that I have seen and I have seen a lot as you might imagine.

You can write as much as you like about Baby Blue. You can leave a comment under this one or simply fill in another input form or do nothing more.

Thanks a lot, Rhonda, for showing us Baby Blue and I am sorry for your loss. I understand how you feel as I have been through it myself.

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