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Men should pet their cats super gently and slowly — 5 Comments

  1. Interesting comments on petting here. The topic hasn’t been completely ignored, however. A few years ago, Amy Shojai, who was the contributing writer on Cat Behavior for my About.com website, wrote a related article, titled “Kitty Keep-Away,” describing how cats “solicit” petting: http://cats.about.com/od/amyshojai/a/Understanding-Kitty-Keep-Away.htm

    Michael, feel free to remove the URL if posting it is not allowed here. I will also mention that while cats generally enjoy slow, soft hand movements during petting, such as most women use, some cats like the ruffling up of fur in reverse strokes which men sometimes use during play. Jeff and Monty seem to enjoy this method, as did my husband with our Bubba.

    However, some cats will react with “petting aggression,” and Amy wrote an article covering that topic also. My hands are often covered with Bandaids protecting cat scratches, received as “thanks” for my loving pets. 🙁

    • Thanks Franny. The link is fine. This short note that I wrote is based on first hand experience of living with a “tamed” feral cat 😉 Perhaps he (my cat) is more sensitive to play and more keenly tuned to hunting which makes the need to handle him as described all the more important. I do feel though that gentle handling and slow movements should be the default cat petting style. Although as Ruth tells us it depends on the cat. Some cats like to be vacuumed for heavens sake 😉

  2. You are spot on Michael. I thought I came up with this on my own too, so I guess great minds think alike. Cat LOVE to be touched slow and gently. You can almost put them into a trance. A soft voice too. This is why cats don’t particularly favor little kids, unless the child is coached to be gentle and slow, and to not prolong it. I change it up a lot to find what each likes, and it comes down to this. I have also found that this very important and powerful means of communing with them is no where to be found but here, except Pamela Merritt does “touch” on it, pun intended. I also put it out there as a topic for discussion when I had my study group on Facebook. Still, great minds think alike.

  3. When Jeff roughs up Monty’s fur, rubbing him both ways, quite vigorously, then Monty responds with a super loud purr every time. Sometimes he pets him gently and slowly. Those two have their own bond and Monty definitely seems to prefer Jeff over me. Jeff says he does not love Monty but as Monty sits on Jeff in bed Jeff starts to sweat because of the added heat of that furry little body, yet he never moves Monty.

    • Love your comment. It sort of goes against my theory. Perhaps it is a refinement on my theory. Some cats do really like that reverse stroke roughing up the fur.

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