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by Gail
(Boston, USA)


Hi! My name is Sadie and my Mommie and I wish all of you a wonderful and safe holiday. Mom has written a lot about me. First, she told you about how she "thought" she was tricking me into taking pills in Pill Pockets.

I have hyperthyroidism and need medication every day. Since Mom tries so hard, I let her think I didn't know it was medicine.

I think she caught on, though, because then she got me something called soft chewy treats. She takes pills for something called hypothyroidism, so both of us have special moments every morning. Gotta tell you, Mom doesn't think I know that the chewy treats are really medicine, but they taste so good, I just love 'em!

Anyway, just wanted to pop in to say "HELLO!" and to give lots of kitty kisses and meows to everybody out there! See you next year!

Sadie...meow 23-12-09


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Jan 10, 2010 Thanks Sadie
by: Joyce Sammons

This is Furby's mama. Furby saw your wonderful story and decided he wanted to tell his own story so now I have trouble getting the computer away from him. Happy New Year-you're a real beauty and a great writer.

Dec 24, 2009 Tricks and treats
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Sadie and Gail. A very Merry Chrismas to you both. I've never had much luck trying to hide medicine, but maybe it's because I have not tried those soft chewy treats. Thanks for letting me know. 🙂
Instead I have used cat malt - a little bit on my finger, which the cat licks off, then the pill into the back of cat's mouth before she notices what's going on, and finally some more cat malt - and lots of cuddling and praise.
For those, who don't know cat malt: It's a sweet substance, which most cats are crazy about. It is supposed to stimulate appetite and also to help hair balls through the system.

Dec 24, 2009 To Sadie
by: Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Hi Sadie, happy Christmas to you and your mommie, from England,You are a beautiful girl, I love your photo, and you are very wise to take your medicine like a good girl,as we mommies get very upset if you need it and we have to force you.

by: Michael

Happy Christmas Sadie and to your human companion...from Michael, Michelle, Binnie and Charlie. We wish you a prosperous New Year too.

Dec 23, 2009 Sadie's Christmas
by: Jan Plant

You are such a beautiful kitty,and you are so lucky to have such a special mom.Enjoy your Christmas,and be safe.(keep taking your "treats" mom is only doing the best thing for you,and we won't tell).Have a Joyous New Year.Thank you for sharing.

Michael Broad

Hi, I am 70-years-of-age at 2019. For 14 years before I retired at 57, I worked as a solicitor in general law specialising in family law. Before that I worked in a number of different jobs including professional photography. I have a longstanding girlfriend, Michelle. We like to walk in Richmond Park which is near my home because I love nature and the landscape (as well as cats and all animals).

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