Merry Christmas to PoC Regular Contributors

I want to say who the regulars are but they know who they are. I don’t want to upset anyone. One thing I know for sure is that PoC regulars – PoCers – are vital to the website. You are very important to me too. You are friends of mine and of cats. We are all friends together in the fight to improve cat welfare.

PoC would not be what it is without the “troops”. We are fair but critical. We look behind the veneer of the cat world with honesty. Facts are not dressed up. They can’t be if we are to try and change things and improve cat welfare.

PoC will never be sold or shut down. One day, when it is my time to cross the rainbow bridge I will hand the baton over to someone else. The site will be bequeathed to someone in my Will. Until then the fight continues.

Thanks again for everything.


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28 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to PoC Regular Contributors”

  1. I’m not on here as much as I would like to be so I know I’m not in your regulars list but all the same I would just like to take the opportunity to wish you Michael and everyone on here a peaceful Christmas filled with cats and happiness 🙂

  2. Lovely video and merry Christmas to you too Micheal and all the PoC people who make me laugh and make me cry and make me sad and make me mad


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