Metallica lead singer tells hiker the group is happy their music saved her life

Heavy metal rock group Metallica remains in the spotlight this weekend after the story of a British Columbia woman went  viral in a Facebook post of how Dee Gallant and her dog Murphy were saved from a cougar attack while out hiking.

heavy metal singer
James Hetfield texted a photo to Dee (Facebook)
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PoC covered the story which has been picked up by everyone from CNN to Billboard.

The liaison for Metallica soon messaged Dee and asked permission to give her contact information to lead singer James Hetfield. James learned of the story on the eve of his 56th birthday. Friday afternoon he placed a call to Dee.

When Dee asked for proof she was really talking to Metallica’s lead singer, James texted her a photo of himself. The two had a nice conversation talking about the Cowichan Valley, dogs, and how his music contributed to saving her life.

Dee stated during an interview with Snook News Mirror

“He said he saw on one post you wanted to know we saved your life so I’m calling to let you know we’re glad we saved your life. I was super excited. It’s so amazing he reached out like that.”

Friends are reaching out to Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Kimmel with the hope Dee will get a few television appearances. Wouldn’t it be great to arrange a television meeting for Dee and James!

It’s been two weeks since Dee and her dog Murphy were confronted by the cougar and the calls are still coming in to her day and night. Dee says her boss has been very understanding of it all.

Hiker scares cougar with music: “I guess he didn’t want to eat anything that leaves a Metallica taste in his mouth.”

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