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Michigan judge suggests it is time to treat cats as sentient beings — 11 Comments

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  2. Gotta’ love this judge.
    I love it when they show such compassion for the victims and push through the punitive max as much as possible. He seems fully aware that animals aren’t “property” but is bound by the current laws unfortunately.
    I’m not sure what I would do if someone referred to any cat that I care for as a lamp, chair, or car. But, I’m sure it wouldn’t be good.

  3. The judge suggested it was perhaps time to amend the law. Not only should the law accept companion animals as sentient, feeling beings but also recognise that there is an emotional connection between animal and human. Both suffer if an animal is abused or killed.
    Finally,someone gets it! If only Florida would think the same.

    • Geri, I know it’s slow, but I can see a lot of changes going on in our state.
      The whole state isn’t Marion County. We’ll have to hit our local government in the heads with shovels before they get it here. But, I’ve been budgeting for them. LOL!

    • Judges should not be “making” the laws. The legislature must pass the laws and the judges should enforce it. Animal rights organizations and the public should lobby their local legislatures and congressmen/congresswomen to make the laws recognizing companion animals as sentient. This may be easier to do than you realize since most states will uphold the Last Will and Testament of those who leave money (or fortunes) to their companion animals. With our critters recognized in this way, then it is a short step to being fully recognized as sentient.

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