Michigan’s world record cats missing, feared dead in house fire

Michigan’s two world record cats are missing and feared dead following a house fire. You may remember the two record holders living on a single home which is unique.

Two world record holding cats Photo: Edward Pevos | epevos@MLive.com
Two world record holding cats Photo: Edward Pevos | epevos@MLive.com
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It is a great shock to hear the report that both cats – the tallest to the shoulder at 20.1 inches (Arcturus) and longest tail at 17.5 inches (Cygnus) – are missing following a devastating house fire at the owner’s home on Farmington Hills, MI.

The fire destroyed the home on the 34000 block of Quaker Lane. It happened last Sunday morning. The cat’s owners, Will and Lauren Powers got out but they fear that Arcturus and Cygnus have died.

“I awoke to alarms and was already far too late,” Powers said. “I tried to save the cats but couldn’t find them before I was overcome with smoke.”

The cats may have got out because he left the doors open. They may and should have run out. A third cat may also have perished.

It is a question of whether they got out. They should be wandering around near the house and I would have thought they’d have been found by now.

It does surprise me somewhat that cat owners are not able to get their cats out of fires. Perhaps I am being impractical and silly in having that notion. The problem is probably that they didn’t know where they were and couldn’t find them in the panic and they may have hidden compounding the problem.

Source: Michigan’s world record cats missing, feared dead in house fire | MLive.com

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6 thoughts on “Michigan’s world record cats missing, feared dead in house fire”

  1. Since the firestorm in Sonoma County in Oct 2017, there have been many volunteers trapping cats who’ve come back to burned out areas. Many have been re-united. An album of lost and found cats is posted, with information on where they had lived or where they were found. It’s been heartwarming to see the effort put into re-uniting these cats with their guardians.

    One cat who’d been missing 10 years, was discovered with other cats in the burned area, and was re-united with his owner, via microchip, even though they had moved to another state!

    • I must say I was somewhat shocked to read the news. So sad if the cat were killed. Horrible. But house fires and cats being killed are not that uncommon. I read about them quite a lot when looking for cat news stories.

  2. Oh gosh how terribly sad! I remember finding a friends’ cats dead after a fire… a momma and her kittens… An image like that haunts you your entire life. It doesn’t take much to stop you in your tracks in a fire – one panicked lung-full of burning air and you can’t breathe. It’s awful. Also you’d think that cats being low to the ground might have a better chance, but they might run in the wrong direction or something too… and hiding doesn’t help. Their bodies could be found if burned in the fire – they don’t completely disappear and sorry to be morbid. Lastly, if they got out they might have been kept by others, which is pretty bad too. Beautiful, weren’t they? I’m sure Will and Lauren are devastated…


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