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Microchipping People — 3 Comments

  1. Being microchipped would take away some of our need to think and remember certain things so yes it could be argued that we are being turned into Cyborgs.

    If you worked for a company with massive security then you could be in danger if you were microchipped if someone wanted to steal your identity to get in.

    I don’t know I’m not generally in favour because its an invasion of privacy 🙁 Sweden is a very forward thinking country in a lot of respects so probaby thats why they are more accepting I personally am not ready yet for microchipping unless I saw more benefits for me and less for big brother.

  2. Thanks for the education on “Microchipping Humans” and the fact that it is in practice in some office places.Honestly Michael, the World is getting to be a scarier place scientifically besides common terrorism and crime. A 100 years from now will humans be cyborgs ?

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