Mid Cheshire Animal Welfare Snowshoe Feral Cat

Mid Cheshire Animal Welfare Snowshoe Feral Cat

by Michael
(London, UK)

Jo sent me some more pictures of her feral cat colony.. They are impressive looking cats, particularly the one in the center of the frame in the photo below. Jo say this..

“This little fellow below – or really I should say huge fellow! is one on our main site. He was very timid at first but over quite a long period of time he decided to give himself up for some love and fuss. He has been neutered and allows me to put a Stronghold pipette on him every 6 weeks. He is a beautiful big boy, he reminds me of the Lone Ranger or Zorro with his mask!

We can’t re-home him as he will only let me touch him! plus he’s happy where he is.”

Snowshoe feral cat

The pictures immediately below are of some more of the cats cared for by Mid Cheshire Animal Welfare:

Lord Muck a feral cat looking like a purebred cat

Lord Muck – he seems to have a purebred parentage. He looks very special with a beautiful facial pattern and colouring. He looks like a Snowshoe cat. Jo thinks that he may have been kept by a gypsy family until they left and left him behind.

Here is a photo by Helmi Flick of a Snowshoe show cat for comparison:

Snowshoe cat

Mid Cheshire Animal Welfare Snowshoe Feral Cat to Feral Cats

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Mid Cheshire Animal Welfare Snowshoe Feral Cat

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Jun 30, 2010 Ferals are a human responsibility
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

They all look great – and compared to some of the ragged ferals I’ve seen in Southern Europe they actually look fantastic.
We should always remember that these cats have not chosen to become ferals. They or their ancestors have somehow been discarded by humans without any fault of their own – and they are of course still our responsibility.
Your group and other groups like that are doing a wonderful job. Thanks again!

Finn Frode avatar

Jun 28, 2010 Healthy cats
by: Joanne

Hi Finn,

Yes they do look very healthy now, they didn’t when we first started on this colony but I am actually very proud of them! They don’t look anything like the underfed scraggy little flea bags they once were. Their coats are now in beautiful condition and all have put a healthy amount of weight on. They were all looking pretty good before we put the Hut on the site for them but I believe the fact they have now got what they can call their own little house they have just blossomed! It’s a delight to see them in their beds or looking out of the window in the bad weather. There is one of the tabbies who likes to sit on top of the radiator (In the cold weather) when we have the heat turned on, I keep telling him he’s going to end up with a burnt bum! He seems to like being on the same level as me when I sit on one of the shelves with them. Yes I’m allowed as long as I have done my chores first!! There is one who I call Big Daddy he’s ginger & white and seems to be the boss. His face is scarred through fighting (obviously when he was not neutered) and I just love him! He will go and sit at the other end of the shelf as if to say “I’m the boss here Mrs and don’t you forget that!” I have a pic of him sulking after I had washed his dirty face one day – he sometimes has runny eyes which is not unusual in feral colony’s>

Jun 28, 2010 Lord Muck
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

I have already commented on all the great looking cats that were pictured on the first Mid Cheshire Animal Welfare page. Many have beautiful colours and patterns, but main thing is – they all appear to be healthy and well fed.
Joanne then kindly mailed me the photos of Lord Muck and I have to say I was stunned. I’ve never seen a cat like him with the blue eys, cute pink nose, Snowshoe markings – and it all in what looks like the body of a typical British moggie.
I have to say that I don’t subscribe to the theory that this is a Snowshoe snatched by the travellers. Mainly because his body type is completely different, but also because this is a fairly rare breed and so the chances of ‘finding’ a fertile Snowshoe must be equally slim.
My theory is that somebody in the area – maybe the travellers, maybe somebody else – had a traditional Siamese and a happy encounter with a local moggie resulted in Lord Muck, thus actually creating another mix with the Snowshoe look. I have to say though that I don’t know whether this is possible at all… 😉
Anyway – what a unique cat he is to behold.

Jun 28, 2010 The other cats on this page
by: Joanne

The other cats displayed on this page are from our latest colony.
If you go back to our feral cat page you will find an article under the title of NO BODY TOUCHES OUR FERAL CATS it is in 2 parts. It is a true story, start on the part one below part two. I’m still working on this colony. Look at the pictures above (The ginger cats) and tell me – is it right to unnecessarily slaughter these poor beautiful creatures?


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