Mighty Isis

Mighty Isis

by Suzanne Hale
(Joelton, TN)

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My husband and I were out running along a busy 2 lane highway one day last June and I heard the most pitiful little cry coming from the ditch. As I got closer to the sound, the most beautiful little kitten came out and mewed.

I was shocked at it's appearance--I thought it was a baby bobcat! This little creature had either been dumped by a thoughtless human or had gotten lost from its home.

stray cat Isis that looks like a Maine Coon cat
Isis (left) - photo by Suzanne Hale

We took her home (of course) not knowing what treasure we had been given. When I held her, I knew I had never before felt a kitten with such a muscular and sturdy body! She weighed 3 pounds, had tufted ears and huge feet, and was a gorgeous black and grey striped with a HUGE bushy tail.

We took her to the vet and he absolutely had a fit when he saw her. He told us we could not have found a finer cat and said she was a pure Maine Coon by her appearance.

stray cat Isis that looks like a Maine Coon cat
Isis - photo by Suzanne Hale

We were not familiar with the breed so we did a lot of research. She fits the descriptions perfectly. She is now 6 1/2 months old and weighs almost 7 pounds. She is the linebacker of our cat family.

We have two other rescue cats from a shelter plus another kitten we had found a month before. We named her Mighty Isis. She is as large as our oldest female cat now and gets along splendidly with her brothers and sisters. What a blessing we have been given.

She says "mew mew" in the softest little voice. I always laugh because I am still waiting for a loud meow to come out. She is not very verbal unless she is hungry and it is feeding time. I have taught her to jump up into my arms. I just love her to pieces.

My daughter carries her around in her arms like a baby and she catches mice like nobody's business.


Hi Suzanne... Great story. I am very keen to see a photo :). If you have a photo please email me:


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Update: 16-1-10: Suzanne kindly sent some photos of Mighty Isis, which are now on the page.

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Jan 15, 2010 Mighty Isis addendum
by: Suzanne

Mighty Isis has an odd little characteristic that I have not experienced with my other 3 cats-she suckles. She will get in my lap (but preferebly under my chin) and suck on my collar, purr loudly and knead when she is tired. I will wake up at night with a "cat muff" where she has draped herself around my neck and is sucking on my collar. She is a kitten now and I wonder if this is just a result of her possibly being separated from her mother too early. This should pose to be interesting if she continues to do this when she is full grown..What a precious angel.

Jan 13, 2010 Please post a pic
by: Brooke

I would love to see pictures. I adopted a main coon from the pound and had no idea what she was until a friend from Main told me what my big girl was. She is also huge and fluffy with the best expressions. Spitt is quite sharp and loves to just hang out. She is 8 or 9 years old but still acts like a kid. That big MEOW you are waiting for may not come. Spitt is very polite with her meow-meow only when its time to eat. This is my first main coon and she is a little different than the other cats. You will have soooo much fun experiencing together.

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