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Mikey: a beautiful soul who chose to be my friend when I really needed one — 35 Comments

  1. Jennifer – I was just thinking about Mickey and how much I miss your beautiful stories and pictures of him. I found your web-site.

  2. Yes it seems that Mikey was meant to be there for you in that moment. Its no easy saying goodbyes and even having to make such a hard decision is hard in its self. Its so amazing how cats often come to us and how they become more for us than we ever realize. Its great the work that you have done with your deaf cats. Love your writing and your photography is amazing. Its great that you have come to this amazing cat site with your knowledge

  3. What a wonderful story, you have a gift for writing as well as photography Jennifer. I am so sorry for the death of your baby son, how very sad that he never got the chance to live his life, like most people who have never experienced such a dreadful loss I can’t imagine what you must have gone through, I’m happy for you that you now have a daughter and you have Mikey who sound as though he was sent to be your little rock and to help you get through such a dark time. Cats are wonderful little soul mates, they instinctively know when you need care and they gently help you through. I hope you have many years together with Mikey yet.

    • Barbara, Thank you. Losing my soon was difficult to say the least but now when I look back on it all, I don’t feel that gut wrenching pain any longer. Somewhere along the line it became the way that things were meant to be. It will always be sad that he never had a chance in this life to live his own life but he was here and he left his mark. The message he came with I will carry with me always and I know I will see him again one day. When I picture his face in my mind now, I always smile.

  4. The photograph heading this article is probably the most beautiful cat that I’ve seen and when you look at the photograph you almost see something more than a cat and I’m not sure what it is.

    • Michael, that is such a nice thing for you to say and it means a great deal coming from you. I know you have seen so many cats…you reinforce my feelings about Mikey, I see that ‘something more’ also when I look at his face. He has an almost human look about him at times.

  5. just read your amazing story made me cry. Made me think of my own experience when i had to say goodbye to my own baby 5 years ago. Its just lovely how cats esp ones as special as mikey always know and are there for you. i rember my own cassy that has since passed. How she reacted. Its great that your own intuition knew something was wrong and worked out what to do. Just love the look of white cats they are truely beautiful. sorry for your loss its hard to move on but just wonderful mikey was there for you great story and pictures

    • Kylee, thank you. I am really sorry for your loss as well. I never thought in a million years that a little deaf kitten could have so much strength….he really held me up. As for the white cats, I just love them too. I have Mikey’s Sister Sissy also and she is pure white but she can hear. Before I had them spayed and neutered Sissy got pregnant and had one litter (I know that was bad) They have a daughter named Daisy which I have also and she is pure white with two different colored eyes, she is completely deaf also. I adore them all, such great cats. Thanks again.

      • I did not realise or it was not completely apparent to me before that he is odd-eyed. Another great photograph. He has that knowing look as if he totally comprehends the human race and is rather mystified by it.

        Update: My mistake, sorry this is your picture of Daisy. She has that all-knowing look as well. And she has beautiful odd-eyes.

      • aww how beautiful i remember one of my cats i had when i was younger she choose to have her babies in my room under the bed, even though had her in a box she still moved herself to be under my bed was so amazed at how loyalty she was too me back then. Its great i think you kept her other cats really nice.

        • Kylee, I felt so bad about Sissy getting pregnant, I knew better, especially with this deaf gene in their bloodline. It was totally irresponsible so when the babies were born, I decided that I would keep them all if it came down to that. I was fortunate to have found such incredible homes for them. I kept Daisy because I wanted to make sure her world would be safe. Having deaf cats is a bigger job than one may think. I am absolutely vigilant about doors staying closed and windows having screens. They just have no real chance of surviving if they slip outside. Having kids and other people going in and out all day long keeps me on my toes. Daisy doesn’t show much interest in the outdoors but Mikey is so curious and adventurous, I really have to pay attention. So far so good, he is 11 years old and Daisy is 9 years old. They have both slipped out on occasion but I was right on their heels. 🙂

          • Jennifer, would you like to write a short article about how a person looks after a deaf cat? It is an interesting subject: how a person modifies cat caretaking to look after cat that is deaf? There’s quite a lot of discussion on the Internet about how to care for a blind but less information about caring for a cat who is deaf.

            If you would like to, all you have to do is write another comment in response to this one if you like which is a bit longer than normal and then I will convert that into an article and add a photograph. It’s a straightforward as that and I’m always looking for new thoughts, new ideas and new writers.

            • Living with a deaf cat is a very different experience than living with cats who can hear.
              The first thing you learn is that you obviously cannot call them by their name and expect a response. I never realized just how much I actually communicated with my ‘hearing’ cats by talking to them until Mikey came along.
              By nature , cats like to sleep in hiding places which is fine but when you are doing a ‘deaf cat head count’ several times a day,or when they slip out the door into the woods, life can get interesting to say the least.
              Cats who are deaf are more sensitive to vibrations, so I use this to my advantage when I am searching the house for Mikey, I learned that if I stomp my feet on the floor, he comes out from hiding within a minute or two. He comes out every single time so that is how I call him.
              If Mikey slips outside the stomping method is futile but with his white fur finding him during the day is not as much of a challenge as trying to find him at night if he gets out. I learned that a flash light being turned on and off will guide him back to me most of the time.
              Most of the time was not good enough odds for me so I taught my Standard Poodle ‘Jessie’ to find Mikey and she does the best job ever. All I do is let her out and tell her to “find the kitty” and she does every time.
              The best way to avoid all of this is to make sure every window has a secure screen and that everyone is aware of the importance of shutting doors. We actually attached a bungee cord to all the doors that lead outside, this way they automatically shut when you let go of the handle. He rarely gets out anymore.
              I have heard that some people put bells on a deaf cats collar to make them easier to locate but this is not an option for Mikey because living in the mountains means that wild animals could locate him as well and he would be unaware of their presence.
              So getting outside is the biggest danger but being in danger is not the only time you need to communicate with a deaf cat.
              I figured out early on that Mikey is not disabled. Mikey is very capable and very bright, so I taught him sign language, he knows…
              Come here
              Get down
              bye bye
              Time to Eat (he knows this one best)
              Lets go outside
              It’s Mommy Mikey Lovey time 🙂 ( my favorite)
              These are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head, there are more because I talk to Mikey all day long. It doesn’t have to be the traditional sign language either, it’s just about using the same signal every single time for each thing you ask of him. He caught on quick.
              The one thing that I notice the most with Mikey that differs in the hearing cats…is how often he is looking at me .
              This is important and it’s learned because he loves to communicate with me and he waits for me to tell him things. 🙂 He pays attention because if there is something going on he wants to know about it.
              The up side to living with a deaf cat is a big one….they are not skittish at all and he will cuddle bug with me all night long because he doesn’t get woke up as easily as most cats. I love this part the most. I am careful though in how I wake him up if he is asleep because he can’t hear me coming and will wake up with the loudest meow you could ever hear when startled awake. So I usually just wave my hand back and forth as I approach him so he can feel the shift in the air, it’s subtle enough to not startle him or me.
              I live with two deaf cats and I have applied everything I have learned with Mikey when raising Daisy as well and it works with her too.
              It takes a commitment to raise any cat but especially a deaf one. I have other cats in the household and Mikey is clearly the king of them all, mostly because when they play, he doesn’t hear them cry if he hurts them. The hearing cats usually let go when they hear the other let out a screech. Mikey doesn’t hear it so he just keeps right along playing and so the others think he is mean, I can tell by how they walk around him. 🙂 I am usually close by though and referee is just one of my titles.
              If one is willing to commit to the care it takes in raising a deaf cat, I believe the relationship that can be established with the cat is like no other. It has been an amazing experience.

  6. One of the most touching stories I’ve read, Jennifer.
    Thank you for that and thank you for letting Mikey embed himself so into your heart to help you heal. A lot of people in similar circumstances would never have even see his potential to comfort.

  7. What a beautiful story, and well told. Mikey is one of those extraordiniary cats. His hearing loss is only about sound. He seems to be completely tuned in to emotions, and his environment. I imagine he could feel the vibration of Haley crying as a baby. But oh my, he is gorgeous. Best wishes for a long life for Mikey.

    • Thank you so much. Yes, Mikey does feel vibrations. He and I do this cuddle thing at night, since he was a baby. I put my hand on his chest and I pull him next to me and he loves this but he doesn’t purr until he feels the vibration of my voice telling him how much I love him. As soon as I start speaking, his little motor turns on instantly. It’s very sweet. Oh and I am totally convinced that he hears me, he just listens with his heart.

      • What a beautiful ritual. With cats, you can’t fake affection. It has to be real from the heart. They can feel the love, or not.

  8. What a lovely story Jennifer, very sad in parts, thank you for sharing it with us. I can’t begin to imagine having a still born baby, it must be heartbreaking.
    Mikey is absolutely beautiful and it’s wonderful that he was there for you when you needed him and he needed you.
    I hope you have him around for many more years to come.

    • Thank you Ruth. Losing my son was the most difficult experience I have ever faced but at the same time it has been a life changer in the most positive of ways. I learned so much about love because of him. I feel as if he came with a message and that message was received, I am a different person today than I was then, I am a better person. As heart breaking as it was….I would do it all over again just to be able to hold him again like I did on that day, he was perfect and as I held him all I could feel was love.

  9. Thank you Jennifer. Thank you for allowing me to publish your story on our site. It is nice to be able to publish a cat story that is warm and positive, which takes a positive out of what could be a negative. In addition Mikey is a stunning cat, photographed beautifully. He truly is a magnificent domestic cat – captivating. What makes him even more beautiful is that he has a disability. It somehow heightens his beauty.

    I’m sorry for your loss and I’m thrilled for your gain in being with a wonderful companion like Mikey.

    • Michael, thank you so much. I feel very fortunate despite the losses, I know it is a journey and it’s not always easy but I also know that as long as our hearts remain willing to love…..we will find love. Mikey is my best friend, loving him has been the highlight of my life and having him love me has made me stronger. Thanks again, your website is just fabulous.

      • Hi Jennifer. Just a quick note to say that the reason why your comments (which are very welcome) were moderated is because first time comments are always moderated, just in case, and thereafter the person making the comments can make them freely and they will be published immediately.

        Once again, thank you so much for letting me publish your story on this website. It is a great story and I love, really love Mikey.

  10. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story with us Jennifer – it reminds me of me and my cat Red who is no longer around. Cats make humans better. Sometimes humans make cats better but that is less reliable.

    I’m so sorry for your loss – I can’t begin to imagine what that was like. Mikey is your boy, your little guardian, there for you. You can’t put a price on it – and once you know a cat’s love and friendship you probably can’t then live without it.

    Although my cat stories are different – they are the same in that they are similarly about perfect friendships, unconditional love – and in my case, some cat loss. So glad things are wonderful and happy for you and Mikey now 🙂

    • PS: Mikey is gorgeous, beautiful. His eyes are amazing. Both green and blue. I’m sure after seeing these – that your photography must be great. It’s not uncommon for white haired blue eyed cats to be deaf. Also they are suceptible to skin cancer – I have no doubt you are fully aware of all this – I guess as long as he isn’t sunbathing to the extreme then he will be fine – what with being alot indoors as well.

      Lucky you living in the mountains with all that land. I understand for his safety he must stay inside. Being deaf he is vulnerable to coyotes and bears and and….

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