Mikey, Love At First Sight

Mikey, Love At First Sight

by Jordan


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I JUST adopted my sweet Mikey - yesterday in fact. We walked into the local pet supply store to get our new Boxer baby, named Tyson (lol), food, and my daughter and I walked up to the cats that were up for adoption.

Mikey stuck his MASSIVE paw out of his little cage and tried "grabbing" at us. His "motor" was going and he was rubbing the cage. We stood there and stroked his soft fur and when my fiance came in we went for what we were after.

I kept looking over at the cats and telling my fiance that I wanted one for Christmas. We checked out and I just HAD to go back to the cats and rub them all. As I bent down to pet a Black cat called Midnight, Mikey caught my shirt with his paw.

I looked into his gorgeous yellow eyes and I fell in love. I looked over at my fiance who was patiently waiting by the door with Tyson's food in tow and told him, "I want him"!

After a few persuasive words, I got the ok. I immediately told the lady he was who I wanted, made a $50 donation to the local animal shelter, and brought Mikey home. I've owned cats throughout my life and I always say that the cat itself chooses their owner.

I am very lucky to have had Mikey choose me. He is great with my two children and has taken over the house (and my bed). I am VERY allergic to cats but that's was allergy meds are for right? lol.

He didn't take long to come out from under either the couch or the bed and now roams the house and actually follows me from room to room. He has a fascination with the toilet?

And the litter box I got for him seems a tab bit too small (I've gotta get a bigger one) and he seems to think so also since he has soiled in my laundry basket....He also loves to play at night.

My fiance has to shake his foot to relax to fall asleep and Mikey thinks he's playing. He woke us up trying to play almost every hour last night. Eventually he jumped up and laid by our heads to sleep. I think Mikey has some Maine Coon in him, he has the huge paws, and he weighs around 18 pounds, and let's not forget that beautiful tail!

My fiance didn't really know about Maine Coons and made the comment "His tail looks like a racoons." The only thing I've noticed that isn't a MC trait is I don't really think his ears are big are others?

I look forward to many years with our new family member. He's definitely going to make my life interesting. =)


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Mikey, Love At First Sight

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Dec 05, 2010 Thank you
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Jordan. Whatever Mikey's history has been before he ended up in that cage, he picked you for his new human and luckily you accepted. He already seems to have bonded well and he has every chance of becoming one of the most memorable cats of your life.
Adoption is not just for kittens. Older cats too sometimes need good homes. Thank you for adopting one of them. 🙂

Finn Frode avatar

Dec 02, 2010 allergies
by: Joyce Sammons

There's a chance your allergies will lessen over time. My daughter and I both have allergies to a new cat and they seem to go away after we've been around a new cat for a week or so. I'm so glad you got your way in bringing Mikey home. You'd have felt bad the rest of your life if you'd left him. I have a boxer and several cats and they get along great.

Dec 01, 2010 Cat person
by: Michael

Hi Jordan. There is no doubt that you are a cat person - well an animal person. Mikey seems to have settled in quickly and changed your routines nicely!

Cats make quite a big impact on our lives, don't they?

Mikey does look like he has some Maine Coon in him. There seems to be a good number of Maine Coon mix cats in the USA. You see them advertised on Petfinder for example.

Your fiance was nice too, I think. He seems to be the tolerant, laid back type!

Thanks for visiting and sharing.

Michael Avatar

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