Mikey The Mystery

Mikey The Mystery

by Lee-Ann Dwyer
(Bateau Bay NSW Australia)

My Sweet Maine Coon looking boy

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My Sweet Maine Coon looking boy

I was very lucky to get this little boy in the picture from a lady out west of Sydney in Australia. At the time the lady did not tell me anything about him or his history. She just wanted to find good homes for her kittens. It wasn't till later on that I relised he was not like your average moggie.

He trills instead of meowing, and the only time he meows at all is in the morning to be let out of our laundry which is the sweetest softest sound even then.

He has lynx tips coming out of his ears, and my visitors are quite taken with him saying he has a wild look about him.

He loves water and will even shower with me and also when I am in the bath he will sit on the bath till I get out, loves playing with the water and bubbles.

He also loves water in our hand basin in bathroom, sink in kitchen anywhere there is water. He is the most loving affection kitten I have ever had too.

I have exhausted all efforts trying to find out how he came about by contacting breeders in the area where I got him, to contact the lady I got him off, but he remains a mystery.

His coat is going through color changes from dark brown and thorn mackerel colors to dark brown and apricot or gingery mackerel markings. He has two coats, one thick under coat and a thinner lot longer top coat. We are in the summer months at present so his photo's are of his shorter version.
If anybody reading this and after looking at the photo's could let me know what they think of his background that would be appreciated.

Thank you Lee-Ann

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Mikey The Mystery

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Feb 23, 2010 Maybe a bit of Norwegian?
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Lee-Ann. I don't see any traces of Bengal in your Mikey, but there definitely is some semi-lonhair in his mix. Whether it's Siberian as Theen suggests or something else is impossible to tell without knowing his roots, but judging from this photo it could also be Norwegian Forest because his head has a very straight profile. And if seen from the front his head is triangular, I'll bet my money on NFC.
He is a fine looking cat and from what you tell with a special personality too. There's nothing average about him, but then, what moggie is average? They are all special. 😉

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Feb 20, 2010 Mikey may be Siberian
by: Anonymous

Hi Lee-Ann,

I have 2 Siberian cats, one of them a tabby like Mikey. They are very loving and make chirruping noises, love playing with water, and very non-aggressive. Google for Siberian, look at photos and see what you think.


Feb 20, 2010 I owe it to you
by: Michael

I owe it to you to have a guess at this as you kindly visited my website and asked. I don't think people will be able to help because it is a tough question.

Two things come to my mind and this is pure speculation. I am just writing as I am thinking - thinking aloud in effect.

I remember filming Martin Stucki of A1 Savannahs in America, the number on Savannah cat breeder, as he was talking about breeding Savannahs and he said or implied that some breeders wanted to experiment with the breeding program and not produce a true Savannah cat but one they wanted such as cross breeding with a Pixiebob (a short tailed cat that is quite wild looking), for example. He didn't like this.

There are Bengal breeders in Australia (but no Savannah breeders). Bearing in mind Mikey's extreme partiality to playing in water (unusual for a tabby moggie) it might be that a breeder has crossed a Maine Coon (hence the voice) and a Bengal cat (hence the love of water and the super high contrast tabby markings).

Bengal cats like water because their wild cat ancestor, the Asian leopard cat lives by water courses as a good source of prey.

Mikey is a very interesting looking cat and he acts in an interesting way too. Thanks for sharing.

One last thing. I recall an Australian, Jacqueline Lammers, making a similar post about her cat. A cat that looked and acted like a Bengal cat. The post is here: What Breed is My Cat?. The lady who made the posting was from Sydney, Australia!

There is a rouge Bengal cat breeder in Sydney, Australia it seems.

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