by Paula Beach
(Biloxi, MS)


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My step daughter Katie, has a very large cat named Mikie. He is named this after the LSU Tigers mascot. Mikie weighs about 35 lbs and although very large is also very agile! He is obsessed with his food bowl and if he can actually see the bottom of it he will sit and stare at it and just cry until you cover the bottom.

She got him from the pound and he was very small and had indeed almost starved to death before they found him so maybe this is a side effect of being abandoned when he was little. He had already been declawed so we know that he belonged to someone and was lost.

Hi Paula: I laughed at the bit about wanting the bowl covered. And he is in the top division on weight, isn't he. My cat has similar "food problems" for similar reasons, which is sad. Thanks for sharing.....Michael (PoC Admin).

From Mikie to Largest Domestic Cat Breed

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Jun 05, 2009 Response about Mikie
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

Mikie's vet may say he's perfectly healthy now, but has he also cautioned about not only putting him on a diet, but keeping him on a diet? If he has not, Mikie should find a new vet.

He's a magnificent feline and it would be such a shame to have his life cut short by his weight. Something as sudden as a heart attack could take him out, not to mention diabetes, cancer or any host of maladies. Dandruff can be resolved with special medication. It's only a matter of determination for his caregivers, because Mikie will eat himself into oblivion.

Please do not feel like the forum is passing judgment; we are not. We see a beautiful and loving furkid and are only concerned for his well-being. We all "adopt" each other's companions, which is a beautiful way to enjoy our pets. With warmest regards to Mikie and all who love him.

Jun 04, 2009 Your comments regarding his weight
by: Paula

Mikie has been on a diet several times...all he does is get dandruff and not lose maybe 3 pounds. He also no longer lives with me but lives with my step-daughters mother, Gail who he is pictured with. He runs up and down stairs all day and like I said is still very agile, but again doesn't lose weight. His vet also says he is perfectly healthy!

May 20, 2009 one BIG cat!
by: Wendy

Mikie has to be one of the largest domestic cats I have ever seen! While I am sure he is super cuddly, please put him on a diet and daily exercise routine if you want him to live a longer and healthier life. It is really unhealthy for him to be so overweight as you probably know. Cats just like people can develope many health problems that stem from obesity. Many vets suggest a wet food diet as it is lower in carbohydrates than dry. Although more expensive, it is one way to help him lose weight.

May 20, 2009 one BIG cat!
by: Anonymous

wow, Mikie has to be one of the biggest cats I have ever seen! while I am sure he is super cuddly, please put him on a diet and daily excercise routine because he will most likely develop a host of health problems just like overweight people do and I am sure you don't want to lose him or pay those expensive vet bills if he gets sick.

Wendy-Jupiter, Fl.

May 20, 2009 Mikie Way Too Big
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

Although I am sure Mikie is agile as you say, he is WAAAAAAYYYYY too overweight. He is looking at an entire host of medical problems in the future. He needs to be re-trained, starting with his people. If Mikie cries looking at the food bowl, remove the food bowl altogether untiil it is time for him to eat - then only feed him what is "normal" for a cat his age, but please do not cave in and overfeed him. You will be thankful later on in his life - avoiding expensive vet bills brought on by his condition. The same advice goes to Michael, too. We all love our furry companions - sometimes too much.

Hi, This is Michael...You are correct!

May 20, 2009 wow
by: Kristi

thanks for sharing. He looks just like our DSH (exact same markings) Michael except about twice his size-he's a big boy too.

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