Millie my princess – cute kitten picture

This is a photo of Millie when she was a kitten. That’s all I know. Oh, and that it is a cute photo because Millie has a very cute face even for a cute kitten. And, of course, her cuteness is juxtaposed against her human companion’s large and robust head.

Millie the princess - a very cute kitten on her owner's shoulders
Millie the princess – a very cute kitten on her owner’s shoulders. I think this selfie is a bit nostalgia for the bloke in the photo who published it to with the words: “Oh Millie — how fast you’ve grown.. still my little Princess”.
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Millie is a calico cat in American terminology. This means tortoiseshell-and-white. They are nearly always female as I am sure you know in the same way that tortoiseshell cats are almost always female. The male torties are feminised. The reason why there are some male tortoiseshell cats is because of a minor genetic error. Their masculinity leaves a lot to be desired. They are sterile. According to Dr Morris the male tortie ‘acts like a masculinized female rather than a true male’. Millie looks and is very feminine.

He says that the chance of finding a male tortie is about 200 to one. I thought they were rarer than that. It is because the coat colour and pattern is sex linked.


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