Milo Helps Me

by Darlene Burrow
(West Bend WI)

I have a sad but heart warming story to tell you. My uncle has passed on to a much greater place in heaven. When I had gotten the call from my mom I knew something wasn’t right. Then she had told me the news about uncle Steve. He had passed on, on Nov. 28th 2011. His date of birth was Sept. 10th 1952.

He had passed away while he was at work. No one knows what the cause of death was but nurses think it could have been a heart attack. Not really sure though.

I was in tears when my mom told me this news. That night my Mom, Frank who is my step dad, and my grandparents, an uncle of mine and his wife and I went to the hospital to say our goodbyes.

My uncle Steve had fallen face front so his face was badly cut up. A lot of tears streamed down like a flowing waterfall. I kissed his head twice and told him that I loved him more than he would have ever known.

That night I didn’t sleep at all. Actually for a while Milo knew something was surely wrong. I hardly never cry but when I do everyone knows something is wrong. Milo knew and she protected me so much its unbelievable. Milo comforted me more than usual. She was on guard for me at all times. She had never left my side.

Milo is like the glistening snow, so pure in heart. Milo is my Christmas angel that god so blessed me with.

When I see Milo here with me I see that Milo has angel wings to fly to me and help me through it all. In time she tells me her wings are never broken. One day I will have to help others in need of me too.

In heaven my wings are spread out for you and one day we will be reunited once again and our wings will be spread out even further when we are together again. Milo is the most precious to me, she really is.

Milo is like spring time when the buds start to bloom and turn into beautiful flowers each bud that blooms in our hearts keep growing with love, peace, happiness and hope and so much more. Rest in peace uncle Steve. We will be re untied once again. Each heart beat God gives me is for Milo.

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Milo Helps Me

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Jan 11, 2012 Thank you Ruth
by: Ruth

Thank you Ruth.
Strange you mention a staircase as that’s how I imagine the climb to death is.
I picture our mother reaching the top with a sigh of relief and smiling at what she saw from there.
Lots to think about ….

Jan 11, 2012 To Ruth
by: Ruth (Monty’s Mom)

Ruth, I’m not sure if a person’s loved ones come for him at death, but I think angels are present to protect the person. Almost every person who has a near death experience perceives some kind of barrier, which if they pass it they cannot come back. They may see it as a wall or a body of water or even as a staircase, but the idea is the same– pass that barrier and you can’t go back. I think heaven is so good that no one could see it and be able to bear returning here. No one alive has seen it. They might have stood on the front porch, but they didn’t go in. I think after someone dies they may say their goodbyes for a time, but then they cross that barrier and are no longer aware of us here.

Angels are not souls of the departed. They are powerful beings created before man, who serve God all the time. So I think a person dying is surrounded by these servants of the Lord, who may even appear in the form of loved ones to comfort and not scare us. But I don’t think we can have any contact with those who are actually seeing those things prepared by God for those who love Him until we actually join them. This is more opinion than based on scripture, and being subjective, it could be wrong. To me it is more important that Jesus is near me than that any human, alive or dead, would be watching over me. The lives of those I loved are hidden with God in Christ– no less alive, no less real– but hidden from me until that day I see both them and Christ.

Jan 10, 2012 To Ruth
by: Ruth

Ruth do you believe a dying person’s loved ones come for them ?
The night before our mam died she was semi conscious and she asked me who were all the people at the bottom of her bed.
There was only me in her bedroom with her.
She then asked if I thought she was dying. I didn’t know what to say and just replied that I hoped not.
So many heartbreaking things have happened to my sister and I since then and sometimes people are so very unkind to others but I always have our mam’s last smile to keep me hoping …….

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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Jan 09, 2012 sorry to hear of your loss
by: Ruth (Monty’s Mom)

You are such a good writer, Darlene! You had a sad story to tell, but you told it so well. I just love reading your stories.

I’m so sad that you had to see your uncle’s body. When my first husband died in an accident, only Dan’s stepdad went down to identify his body. It was a very hard thing to do, but a loving thing, because then no one else had to see him that way. I had the chance to see him, but preferred to remember him as he was before. It is good that you have faith that your uncle is in a better place– apart from his body but with the Lord.

Stories like Ruth’s abound– there are so many people that say someone seemed to see a glimpse of heaven as they were dying. I don’t have a story of my own like that to tell, but a friend told me her story after my first husband died. She said that she was very, very upset about what happened and praying very hard and suddenly she saw what must have been a glimpse of heaven. She said she saw colors she’d never seen before and she saw people– thousands and thousands of people. Among them she saw my husband, but she says he didn’t really look like himself. But she just knew it was him and he was beautiful and happy.

I believe he’s in heaven, but not because she saw that. I believed before she told me that. It’s like I didn’t need to see, I already knew by faith and that was enough for me. But we should not find it surprising that these things happen, these little glimpses that tell us, as Ruth says, that there must be someplace wonderful. Sin and death are very real, but they don’t get the last word.

I firmly believe that animals go to that wonderful place too. They deserve it more than we do! God would not give you a wonderful friend like Milo, then give you eternal life, but ask you to spend most of that life without your special friend.

I just lost my childhood friend Ingrid to cancer. I worry about her cat Zuli, because Zuli was one of those cats that just bonds to one person. Now that that one person is gone I hope Zuli can find a good home and a new friend to bond with. You could keep Ingrid’s kitty Zuli in your prayers.

Jan 09, 2012 There must be somewhere wonderful
by: Ruth

Yes I’m sure your Uncle Steve is in a wonderful place now and you will see him again some day.
It’s much better to go that way like he and my dad did than like my mother who died of cancer, but even after she suffered so much, just before she died she smiled the most happy smile and we could see she had seen something wonderful and she looked so peaceful.
At times when everything seems awful and I start doubting my Faith I try to think of that moment.

Jan 09, 2012 uncle steve news
by: darlene burrow

yes ruth when my uncle steve had been at work he did fall face first and one of the nurses at the hospital had said uncle steve had his hand over his chest before he fell down at work the good news is when i seen him at the hospital that night even though he had already gone to a better place he looked like he was smiling he must have been smiling before he passed on he was a good hearted man he really was he loved to cook a lot and he loved being a biker he had a few harley davidson bikes he would take nice long rides with his friends too he was always willing to help people too always the funeral was nice only his ashes remains were there though but he is now in a much better place in heaven with the good lord

Jan 09, 2012 Milo is a feline Earth Angel
by: Ruth

Darlene, I’m so sorry about your uncle Steve, it does sound like he had a heart attack so he would know nothing at all about falling down.
It happened to my late dad when he was only 55 and the doctor said it’s just like a light being switched off, so very quick.
I think Milo is a feline Earth Angel and you are soul mates.
Over the years with many more bereavements since my dad, our cats have always comforted me.
Take care xx
Michael, that’s so lovely about Charlie. I love it when Jozef or Walter lie against me, cats seem to know when we are needing some comfort don’t they.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jan 08, 2012 my thought
by: darlene burrow

aww that is so sweet of your cat

Jan 08, 2012 Tenderness
by: Michael

Darlene, I love the pure tenderness of your heart. Cats do help us. Today I was a bit tired and fed up for a while and my three legged cat Charlie came to me and washed himself next to me. I could feel his movement on my legs and it relaxed me. I feel asleep.

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