Milo is the sweetest ginger with the warmest soul – *** TO BE DESTROYED 09/30/17 ***

He is just an ordinary, neglected male cat. This is what makes him special. He represents all ordinary rescue cats. He has bad teeth and anaemia. The situation is typical of a neglected cat. He is in a shelter about to be “destroyed”. That’s going happen today unless somebody steps in and saves him. The Facebook photograph with text from FB explains the position.



MILO – A1126864 – Staten Island – Publicly Adoptable *** TO BE DESTROYED 09/30/17 ***

Milo is the sweetest ginger with the warmest soul. He adores string toys and loves to play! Milo is described as having a medium energy level and his favorite things are following his owner around and getting all the chin rubs he can. He is highly affectionate and needs a loving home that will rehabilitate his medical needs.

Medical Note: Milo is at risk due to being anemic and having severe dental disease.

Eight-year-old MILO was dumped by his owner for “no time”. He is underweight and has some dental issues. Is already neutered and friendly – needs a new home where he can get some TLC from someone who has the time to care.

Maybe it is too late. Maybe there are too many cats like him. This is what is heartbreaking.

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Milo is the sweetest ginger with the warmest soul – *** TO BE DESTROYED 09/30/17 *** — 2 Comments

  1. If I didn’t believe God has a place in heaven for animals, life would be impossible to live day by day for me. If He won’t give me the means to save every one of them, then that’s all I have to cling to that keeps me going. God bless you, Milo.

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