Milo’s Christmas Stocking


Milo is loved

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Milo is loved

Milo is loved Me and Milo

Hello everyone! When it comes to Saint Nick coming, I put up my three Christmas stockings for Hugs, my very first cat that I had.

The second stocking is put up on the wall for my second cat Rascal and the third stocking is put up on the wall for my beloved Milo that I am blessed with now.

All three of these Christmas stockings are very special because there is so much meaning in them. There is so much warmth in my heart and so much love also that comes with it knowing that in my heart all three of my cats are with me.

I feel that I am very much loved. I made all these stockings all by myself well. The writing on them were by me. When Saint Nick comes for my cats they get a bundle of love, happiness, joy, hope and peace.

And being together and so much more on Christmas eve, a special day to be thankful for, because it's the day before the traditional date of Jesus's birthday!!!

On Christmas day season's greetings to everyone!!


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I've had my boy Aslan for a year now and he is just the best. He has the most mischievous nature and he is also very friendly as well as well as beautiful.

Aslan is very good with my 2 young daughters and they love him dearly. I recently bought another Maine Coon cat from the same breeder I got Aslan from. I get her 30 Dec and I'm so looking forward to getting her.

What can I say "once you've had Maine Coon it will always be Mianecoon".....


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Joy Was Christmas Gift to my Poodle

by Nellie Franczkowski
(Baltimore, MD)

Christmas Joy

Christmas Joy

When my old cat was mercifully put to rest, I was determined not to get another cat. However, a family of field mice learned of her passing and moved right in.

I decided it was time. While waiting in a checkout line in a neighborhood store, I overheard a lady telling another that her cat was going to have kittens and that she needed to find homes for them. I spoke right up and put in an order for one of them.

She took my phone number and said she would call as soon as the time came to take my new pet home. It was right around Christmas time when the time came, so I took Joy home in a red and white Santa hat and presented her to Ginger, my Poodle, and told her it was her kitty.

Joy learned from Ginger, as if she were her mom. I find that she has a lot of habits that Ginger had . . . licks my hand, gives me a kiss, is very affectionate. I wasn't sure of her breed but having seen pictures of Ragdolls, I'm sure that she is one, for sure.

And yes, she started out life all white with just a little tipping on her ears and paws. Here is a picture that you may share.


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