Mimi the Magnificent

Mimi from Norway has a super coat. For me the markings are a modified Van type. I’d say that historically, perhaps going back centuries, her ancestors came from the Anatolia region of which Turkey is at the centre.

Mimi from Norway
Mimi from Norway. Her coat is magnificent.
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All domestic cats emanate from the Middle East (specifically the Syrian region which has a long border with Turkey) and traders shipped them to other parts of the world. Mimi’s ancestors probably followed that path.

In this instance the Van markings have spread down from a inverted V to a full face mask. The black tail (or other non-white colours) is classically seen in the Turkish Van cat. You’d probably say the coat is a white-and-black, bicolor, Van Type cat coat.

It doesn’t really matter. Mimi is magnificent.

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2 thoughts on “Mimi the Magnificent”

  1. Interesting. There is a cat in my neighborhood with coloring like this. He’s been quite the regime-changing invader type, and I once trapped him to get him out of here… but he actually muscled his way out of a steel cage I had him in! I respected that, plus he was just too hard to trap in the first place, so I’ve just ignored him since and keep my cats away from him. I see him near my house in the middle of the night occasionally and we just exchange glances and he leaves.

    • This coloring and pattern is one of the central coat types on the planet. It must have a very long history perhaps thousands of years as it originates in the place where cats were first domesticated.


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