Mince Pies At Marion’s

By Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Chester a rescue cat
Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
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Barbara and I were invited to a ‘Mince Pies at Marion’s’ drop in yesterday, so we went along as we had some cat food and bedding to go there too.

Steven (Marion’s husband) usually kindly calls for the stuff we have for Cats Protection cats so it was nice to go to their home and see all the cats.

For anyone who hasn’t ‘met’ Marion here on PoC before, she is the voluntary co-ordinator for our local Wear Valley & Darlington Cats Protection branch.

Chester had written on his Facebook page yesterday morning:

’I am told people are coming this afternoon and as they scare me I am going in the cat house. I much prefer it here nice beds warm radiators and I have my scratch pole and friends so we going to have our own party’

So, when we arrived Steven asked us if we would like to go and see Chester in the cat house where some of the other rescue cats were kept too for their own safety while doors were opening and people coming and going.

Chester a rescue cat uk rescued with the help of Cats Protection
Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra

The other day Chester escaped the house by accident and he wrote afterwards on his Facebook page:

‘Today I had a mini adventure, I shot out of the door when scary delivery man came, then I got all confused so went under the shed and howled and howled and of course I don’t trust people so wouldn’t come out even for food or even when they set cat trap with lovely tuna in, I made sure they paced the garden coaxing me while I ignored them then when I knew they weren’t looking I sneaked up to back door but kept running away soon as they got near. Eventually I got bored of that game and came into kitchen to give myself up, life on the run isn’t all it’s cracked up to be’

For anyone who hadn’t already heard about Chester, here is what happened to him as a tiny kitten and why he is so nervous around people:

A Cat Rescued and Recovering

A later article:

The Latest News and Pictures for the Chester Fan Club

Chester is a very famous boy now but who can blame him for being unable to trust humans!

He was unlucky enough to have a retained testicle when he went for neutering recently so it was a bigger op than it normally would be, but he is very happy at Marion’s and there he is staying and hopefully one day his traumas will fade from his memory.

So, we met him and also Prince, Sweetie and Cloud who were keeping him company in the cat house and then we met George, Flick and Dolly when we joined Marion and some of the volunteers there in the house.

Brock and Jacob the family dogs are very friendly and the cats keep them in their place lol

We had a very enjoyable time with a cup of tea and all the goodies to eat.

I hope our PoC family will enjoy the photos we took to share with you.

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

40 thoughts on “Mince Pies At Marion’s”

  1. I wish I could ‘LIKE’ all your comments. Some lovely stuff there. I love the pictures and the story both. Sounds like my kind of party. The type like the Youtube Party Michael went to. I would of left in 20 minutes as well.

    • I hate noisy parties, in fact I wouldn’t go to one, much prefer quiet afternoon gatherings like at Marions where there are always cats around. They are great ice breakers as cat lovers always like to talk about their cats.
      I was down on the floor immediately lol playing with Dolly and Flick, George was watching a while then let me tickle him.
      Pure bliss 🙂


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