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Mince Pies At Marion’s — 40 Comments

  1. I wish I could ‘LIKE’ all your comments. Some lovely stuff there. I love the pictures and the story both. Sounds like my kind of party. The type like the Youtube Party Michael went to. I would of left in 20 minutes as well.

    • I hate noisy parties, in fact I wouldn’t go to one, much prefer quiet afternoon gatherings like at Marions where there are always cats around. They are great ice breakers as cat lovers always like to talk about their cats.
      I was down on the floor immediately lol playing with Dolly and Flick, George was watching a while then let me tickle him.
      Pure bliss 🙂

  2. Lovely post, Ruth. In fact if I am transformed into a cat in my next lifetime and happen to land close to your area- I would be totally drawn to those cat house “digs”. Great photos of course!!

    It is so refreshing to see folks who love our felines so greatly… and take such good care of them. Thanks for this wonderful story- so early in the morning for me- as I sip my coffee and drift over to England… in my mind..

    Happy Happy, and Meowy Meowy.. Love ya

  3. Hi Barbara and Ruth really enjoyed reading about your visit to Marions such kind dedicated people its hard work looking after rescues and finding homes. I love your community you all seem to muck in amd help each other out and its so nice to hear about it especially at this time of year 🙂

  4. It was a happy little gathering, lots of cat chat and tea and nibbles, it was lovely to see the cats and make a fuss of them, and to meet up again with the dogs which we once looked after while Marion and Steven were on holiday some years ago now. It’s nice to be part of a smallish community, I’ve been into a few shops and the library today on my way home from work and in every one I was wished a Happy Christmas, there are bad things about living in the North East but there are many, more, good things. lovely pics and article, as always Ruth.

  5. I told everyone in the photos they would be on PoC, hoping they come along and find out what a wonderful web site this is 🙂

  6. How well all these babies are cared for and how lucky Chester was to be rescued and brought here. Thank you for being so kind!

    • Marion is amazing! She nurses many abused or neglected cats and kittens back to health and some such as Chester and George will stay with her forever, she’s a star and so is Steven her husband 🙂
      Happy Christmas Linda, lovely to see you here x

  7. Hi Michael. It’s mainly my white Angora male Kemal Kebab that is the big mess maker. He pees into adjacent cages but keeps his own cage pretty clean except for the netting. That’s not very considerate of him. Is he trying to impress the neighbours? My other toms living under the same circumstances are pretty clean. My big Kahraman looks amazingly white and clean despite being very messy when younger. He’s learned his lesson.

  8. I loved reading this and the added bonus of the 2 fantastic posters of photos.It looks so very friendly and cosy and the cats and dogs so happy and looked after.I admire Marion very much indeed and always like to read about the CP branch and all.
    Poor Chester he’s had some misfortunes but he will know he’s safe and loved now and forever.
    Merry Christmas to you all at the Wear Valley CP

    • Thanks Rose, we are just getting the hang of the new camera, think we need to enlarge the pictures a bit before taking them as some are a bit blurry when used on a poster.
      Happy Christmas x

  9. Hi Michael. Netting and the place where the netting is attached to the frame are ideal for collecting dirt which when mixed with fur and urine is a mess. Detaching the whole thing would make it much easier to clean and repair. Some of my cats make short work of the netting even though it is galvanized steel. I have now found plastic coated steel netting which is standing up better. The cats in cages are there because they spray but are too valuable to be let roam outside or as in the case of Arkos too foolish to look after himself outside. He is hyperactive and can’t even get from one place to another without falling over or into things.

    • Thanks Harvey. Unless you have kept a cat in a cage you don’t know how they can mess up the netting. They must rub against it and deposit fur on it and then pee onto it. Sure fire way of creating a mess.

  10. And a great time was had by all. I got a super idea from the cat cages. If I see right I think they have detachable screen windows which can be removed intact for repair or cleaning. Presently I have to remove them bit by bit, change the netting and put it all back together again which is tedious and complicated.
    In my case it will be rather difficult because they are quite big, but I can take a look. Thanks for the idea.

    • I think you are right Harvey. They have swivelling clips that keep them in place. Is the idea behind detachable windows to make them easier to clean or to change the netting? Why does the netting have to be changed?

  11. I smiled all the way through. These are wonderful people, and you gals are the best.
    I loved seeing Chester and knowing that his adventure wasn’t much to his liking. STAY WHERE YOU’RE SAFE, little Chester!
    Mince pies are what we call mincemeat pies? Sinfully sweet, delicious, made mostly from raisins? I wish I could have been there.

    • Yes, mincemeat pies. The best mince pies in Britain are Heston Blumental’s mince tartlets! So I am told. Heston is a famous chef in England. His products are sold in a store called Waitrose.

      I have a Christmas pudding of his in my kitchen with an orange in the middle of it. I’ve had it for at least 12 months. It is time to eat it.

  12. I found this story very charming. Great bunch of people. As for the cat house, I am very impressed indeed. It looks very comfortable and functional. I suppose it is part and parcel of being a Cats Protection fosterer. High quality fostering.

    I know things are different up north compared to London and I can feel that in the article. London is not England. It is cosmopolitan.

    • People up here are very friendly and cat lovers especially love getting together like at Marions with other cat lovers and taking about …guess what…yes cats of course lol
      In the supermarket pet food aisle we often have conversations with other cat people looking for something different to tempt their cats and even at the check outs, if we have lots of extra cat food the assistant will say ‘By you must have a lot of cats’ ‘No this is for cats in local rescue shelters’ and that sets off another conversation.
      I can’t imagine living in London Michael, do strangers not talk to each other? Do you have collection bins for pet food in supermarkets for rescue shelters like we do here?
      There is a feeling of ‘We are all in this together’ here, especially at this time of year.

      • I’ve not seen collection bins in Switz for cat food – to go to rescues. What a nice idea. It just takes a little organisation.

        It’s so nice that Chester is doing well. That’s the main thing really – it sounds like you had a nice time together – I’d love to be there too 🙂

        • You’d have been in your element Marc, we didn’t get to touch the cats in the cat house but we did George and Flick and little Dolly, you’d love her, she’s the last of a litter of feral kittens, waiting for a home.

          • Do I see some Champagne! Marion’s cats always look very healthy. Truly cared for and loved. It shows. I think we will have to celebrate with some Champagne…. 🙂

            • Probably wine ready for family gathering there today.
              Babz won some champagne a few Christmases back, it was nice enough but I wouldn’t go overboard on it. I’m a proper Northern lass lol an ice cold lager for a long drink, a G and T for a treat 🙂 cheers

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