Miniature Blue Point Himalayan

Miniature Blue Point Himalayan

by Karen

I have a little boy who is now almost 8 months old and weighs 1.5 pounds. He is so sweet but stopped growing after about 10 weeks. At first the vet thought he was just a runt but then began worrying that he had FIP. I prepared myself for his projected very short life span. After many tears and “whys” to my surprise, he is still active, eats and even begs for treats.

His feet are somewhat deformed: they look like flippers but everything is just tiny. I love him and he will always be my “baby”. Has anyone else ever heard or seen anything like this? Any comments would be appreciated.

Also to note, his brothers, both flame points, grew to “normal” size.


Hi Karen…Please send us a photo! I am intrigued. You can email me at:

mjbmeister at (make the at @) and I’ll upload the picture….Michael (PoC Admin)

Update 3-12-09: Karen sent me some pics. Here is the little boy.

“Here are a few pictures of my little boy with the flipper feet. Maybe I jinxed him when I named him “Baby Face Finster” Anyway, as you can see he looks older but has never gotten any bigger…..Karen”

Dwarf Miniature Blue Himalayan cat Baby Face Finster

Dwarf Miniature Blue Himalayan cat Baby Face Finster

Dwarf Miniature Blue Himalayan cat Baby Face Finster

Miniature Blue Point Himalayan to Dwarf Cats and Miniature Cats

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Miniature Blue Point Himalayan

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Dec 01, 2009
Finster Miniature Blue Point
by: Karen

Thanks to both of you for your informative and kind comments. I am amazed at how much “Melvin” sounds like my boy. I believe my Finster also has gonad hypoplasia as he has never developed in that regard either. He’ll always be my baby.

Nov 27, 2009
Tiny fella!
by: Everycat

Thanks for telling us about your tiny feline friend. There’s another tiny Himalayan on the net, he has a blog and his name is Melvin. You can find his basic story here:- (new window)

I’m glad your little friend is still going strong and enjoying life. Sometimes animals that have started life with many difficulties are astoundingly resilient and really do thrive with love and care.

Nov 26, 2009
by: Michael

I am speculating, of course, but your little boy may suffer from a condition called, Hypoplasia.

This means underdevelopment or incomplete development of a tissue or organ. It can affect any organ or organs.

When it affects the forelimbs causing them to be short and twisted (flipper like) it is Radial Hypoplasia.

This condition has affected cats and indeed a breeder wanted to create a cat breed from this deformity. The cats were called “Twisty Cats” after their twisted forelimbs. Shame on them. I actually made a post about this and criticised the Cat Fanciers Association about it.

Anyway, from your description it could be this condition because your little boy is small (underdeveloped) and his legs are deformed a bit, which indicates incomplete development of the bones of the legs.

Well that is my assessment for what it is worth. If I am correct and it is Radial Hypoplasia, it is caused by a mutant dominant gene. It is variable in its severity. Being a dominant gene it will affect half the offspring if he fathered kittens and the mother was a normal cat.

I forget to say that he sounds gorgeous and very well loved. Fantastic.

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