Miniaturized human furniture for our fluffy friends is a growing trend

I am referring to miniature versions of furniture for humans. The slide show below presents Japanese made, high quality, furniture for domestic cats and products from Ikea who have introduced a feline line in America, Canada, France and Japan to be extended to the UK and Europe. I suppose it had to happen. There is a super-chic collection by Japan’s Okawa Kagu. Okawa Kagu’s idea is to merge the love affair between the internet and cats with the craftsmanship of Japanese craftsmen and women. The furniture is downsized human items. The intention is to reinvigorate Japan’s Fukuoka prefecture region where there are many furniture makers.

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I do see a trend here. The only people to buy these items would be fairly well off cat owners. They are top end products. The $64,000 question is whether cats will use them. You know what it is like with domestic cats. You buy a great product but they prefer the box it came in.


4 thoughts on “Miniaturized human furniture for our fluffy friends is a growing trend”

  1. We were given 3 cat-sized sofas by a friend. I thought they were sooo cute, my husband thought they were silly and all the cats ignored them. They preferred to sit on the couch or chairs with us.

    • LOL. This is so typical. I have this fear of buying nice stuff for my cat (including high quality cat food which is damned expensive) because he’ll turn his nose up at it.

  2. This idea may be expensive and over the top for most people, but it sure is cute. All the better if the cats choose to use the furniture.


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