Looking for a Savannah Cat

Looking for a Savannah Cat

by Meeka
(Missouri, USA)

My husband and I decided to do some research before we were completely committed to bringing a Savannah cat into our home.

After spending many hours on the internet reading different websites, we are fully and 100% sure about adopting a Savannah kitty.

We are located right smack dab in the middle of the USA, in Missouri. So finding a Savannah cat breeder seemed hard till we saw this website.

It shows one of your A1 Savannah places in Oklahoma, Which is awesome!!! I am very bad at explaining things so whoever reads this please understand. lol!

Anyhow I’d love to contact a breeder near me for further information and I would also like to meet in person.

And then I’d love to pick the right baby, (kitten or adult) to take home and spend a lifetime with!


Hi Meeka.. Savannah cats are awesome and A1 Savannahs are the best, believe me.

They have a very fine facility and are great people. Good luck. Contact them and ask questions.


Please help my daddy!

by Oreo Blue Love
(Orlando, FL USA)

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Hello my name is Oreo. I am a female kitten. I have black both ears, 4 feets and a tail and the rest is white with baby blue eyes.

I am writing this note along with 4 pictures of me. I have no way to tell my daddy who adopted me last week so I decided and write this letter to you will be more easier to "communicate" with my daddy.

My daddy couldn't figure out what breed I am. He recieved few friends that told him that I am a "rare" breed. So I need your huge favor.

Thanks so much!


Hi Oreo.. thanks for asking. My guess (and you have to guess when all you have is pictures) is that you are a Blue Siamese mix (i.e. not purebred).

I can see a "reverse squint" in the eyes or at least I think I can. Squints are common in Siamese cats. Blue point is diluted black.

Hope this helps.


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Altering an Animal's Natural Beauty.

I can only feel deeply sorry for these precious little cats and the illnesses they carry.

It most certainly has to be the mind of the devil - a horrible, horrible, apathetic human-being to alter, for whatever reasons, from their natural God-given beauty.

These humans should be totally ashamed - stop what they are doing and pray to God for forgiveness. Stop making these animals to suffer.

Harley, My British Shorthair

by Christie
(Baltimore, MD, USA)

This is Harley, my British Shorthair. He was a rescue cat, a gift from my family 7 years ago. He is truly my constant companion. He is strictly an indoor cat, content to amuse himself during the day while I am at work.

When I come home from work, he's there to greet me at the door. He follows me from room to room, sitting beside me and nudging me for petting.

He's a larger cat, but he is so lovable and friendly. He's accepting of my fiance, but let's him know that Harley was here first. My fiance will scare Harley, then Harley will wait for him and run out and scare my fiance. It's quite humorous to see.

I had a Maine Coon prior, who lived to 20 1/2 years. I was devastated when he passed, and Harley, my lovable kitty "linebacker" has filled the void with so much love.


Hi Christie... thanks for sharing. So pleased you have filled that void.

Harley sounds like a great cat.

I have merged your post with others as it is a bit short. Hope you don't mind.


I was wondering if it is a characteristic of Persians to be dominant

I didn't know where to post this. I just received a black Persian cat, about a year and a half old. He is healthy and has a beautiful coat.

I was wondering if it is a characteristic of Persians to be dominant. Because he will not get along with my other cat.

He chases him and tries to fight him. My other cat is just a domestic cat, no special breed. I was wanting to know if there was anything I can do to help them get along better. Any suggestions are appreciated.



Hi Jack.. thanks for visiting and asking. Everything that I know about the Persian cat tells me that as a breed they are one of the least likely to be dominant.

But that does not take into account differences in the personalities of individual cats. The differences in individual cats is greater than the differences in cat breeds.

Clearly your Persian is a bit alpha male! And that frankly is that.

I would hope that things would settle down eventually and a balanced environment be found when he accepts your existing cat. It can take a considerable time for this to arrive however.

I have added your post to others as it is quite short. Hope you don't mind.


Michael Avatar

Our Summer

by Mitzie

We got Summer when he was about 8 weeks old have had him almost 15 years, wonderful guy, and a pleasure to have, he is spoiled rotten but so worth it, loves to take baths and growl when the door bell rings..


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