Mischievous domestic cat floods home

NEWS AND VIEWS: Amber, a typically mischievous domestic cat, has become an online celebrity for flooding her owner’s home. How did it happen? It doesn’t take much imagination, actually, if you think about it.

Amber messes around in the bathroom
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Amber messes around in the bathroom. In this photo (provided by Kennedy News & Media) she is knocking some cream in a pot off a shelf.

If you are au fait with online cat videos and cat stories as I am you will know that a lot of domestic cats like to drink water from the tap attached to the bathroom sink (“faucet” in America”). The water is fresh and they like it that way. Perhaps it reminds them of the wild and all domestic cats have a little bit wild in them. We know that.

Well Amber went a step further. She learned how to turn on the tap probably by observing her owner turning it on and in addition to that she managed somehow to close the plughole. So when her owners were out she went upstairs to drink some water. She turned on the bathroom faucet, drank some water, plugged up the sink and went downstairs again to wait for the disaster to take place. Of course, she had zero remorse. Why? Well because domestic cats have no concept of possessions and criminal damage and all these finer things that humans get concerned about. All she wanted was a drink of water.

The perpetrator of criminal damage

The perpetrator of criminal damage! Amber chilling out. Photo: Kennedy News & Media.

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I suspect that she plugged up the sink because it is one of those sink plugs which you close by depressing it rather than the old fashion ones which you have to physically put in place. It’s probable that she walked on the fixed plug and depressed it to the point where it clicked into place and plugged the sink. If that’s the case then clearly some remedial training needs to be rapidly carried out to prevent a re-occurrence. This is particularly important as it appears that thousands of pounds worth of damage has been done.

Messed up bathroom

Messed up bathroom. Photo: Kennedy News & Media.

The water dripped from the bathroom into the downstairs living area. To compound matters, it seems that Amber enjoyed playing in the puddles of water in the living area. Jasmin Stork, her owner, was only out of the house for about 30 minutes but fortunately she was not at work that day and therefore was able to stop further flooding on her return. The silver lining is that the ceiling hadn’t collapsed! Amber regards that as a blessing 🙂 .

Please note that sometimes videos such as this one stop working overtime for various reasons. If it has happened I apologise but I have no control over this possibility.

My thanks to the Metro newspaper.

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  1. November 10, 2020

    […] This is a good example, provided the video is genuine which I believe it is, of a young domestic cat copying the hand movements of his/her human companion and caregiver. The human taps her hand and her tabby cat copies the movement directly and immediately. In a way it is quite startling to see because it’s very positive. It confirms what we already know which is that domestic cats observe us and sometimes copy what we do. This is why cats end up opening doors to rooms and fridges or turn on bathroom taps (faucets). […]

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