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Misguided no-kill shelter policies add to animal cruelty — 1 Comment

  1. There have been several feral around my house in the years I’ve lived here-in the rural desert. I have put out food and water for them and have fixed areas under the house for them to live and stay as safe as I could manage. Tears fell every time one would be lost to unknown reasons. Then there would be a space in time with no ferals. Then the place was home to abandoned domestic cats who found their way up the road to my place. Most quickly fell prey to the wildlife before I could catch them, or for them to trust me. The last four have been captured, spayed/neutered and brought into the house. They are chipped and ear-tipped. They will never be returned to the wild as they are totally deaf. Two have come to trust and want petting, ear rubs and affection. Two still do not trust me totally and I respect their desires NOT to be petted. Maybe someday. We have a routine that I adhere to as best as I can-clean water bowls, clean litter and serve meals. Also referee any squabbles with the aid of a water pistol-that way I can’t be blamed for interfering. It works for us. They also have many areas to hide in when other humans invade their home.

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