Miskena My Exquisite Blue Burmese

Miskena My Exquisite Blue Burmese

by C. Kennie
(Kingston, Ontario, Canada)

My two Loves

My two Loves

Miskena is my exquisite blue Burmese. Her coat is plush and very soft. She is a light grey with silver luster overtones. She loves to cry loudly when playing with her toy mousie. She does this with the mousie in her teeth. And she will wail (I call it marling) at night as she loves to be up during the late night hours.

I never scold my cats no matter what and I decided to go to her and give her lots of soft words and cuddles. She soon learned that "Mummy" also wanted to see her wee tummy. She will lay upside down with me stroking her tummy and murmuring soft love words to her. She now comes to me and will leave her mousie with me while she "stalks" another of her mousies.

Miskena now hardly marls at all because she knows that she can have love whenever she gets on my chair and shows me her tummy. She will often let me cuddle her upside down in my arms and she purrs and kneads her paws in the air, eyes shut in pleasure. She is more valuable to me than all the money in the world.

C. Kennie

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Miskena My Exquisite Blue Burmese

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Oct 26, 2009
Miskena My Exquisite Blue Burmese
by: Michael (PoC Admin)

Thanks again for a nice post. I changed the title so that people will find Miskena more easily in a crowded internet. Miskena is gorgeous.


Miskena My Exquisite Blue Burmese — 2 Comments

  1. Sadly, my Lady Miskena Midnight Marler was put to sleep because of an incurable health problem. I didn’t want her to suffer, so I made that terribly hard decision. She just gently drifted to sleep in my arms as I stroked her and whispered love words to her. Now she is across the Rainbow Bridge stalking almost anything that moves and patiently waiting for Kitty Grumbles to join her one day. She has a very solid piece of my heart and she always will have. Love is forever.

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