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Misogyny and Cat Hating — 11 Comments

  1. I think its the way cats and dogs have been depicted in media, even. Dogs are considered a man’s best friend, with their unwavering loyalty, and because they are easier to understand in terms of the body language. Men prefer this over cats because, some men, like to have a companion by their side which would listen at their beck and call. Some pet owners misunderstand the relationship between the pet and themselves, and think the pet MUST be serving towards them, otherwise they are useless, and then treat them with slight animosity because of that.

    Also cats are generally villains, like the Siamise Twin cats. Lucifer in Cinderella etc. many more examples. What animal does the villain seem to be stroking in their chair before they meet the protagonist?

    Just like how some men expect a woman to be all over them, when they have acted like ‘mr. nice guy’ for 5 minutes. And then get angry and argy bargy when the woman still won’t be all over him. They need to grow up, and learn that the world doesn’t evolve around them.
    Now in reality with domestic cats, You shouldn’t necessarily expect heaps full of love from a cat, especially after having catered towards it, fed it etc. Cats know they don’t have to owe anybody anything to be fair. Some people prefer their pets to come running at a signal. Would you call your best friends name when they are in deep slumber? no. Then don’t expect the same for cats.
    However, at times, cats are deemed to be more irrationally aloof, snubbish and generally not nice. It can be quite pisstaking when people constantly compare cats and dogs like they’re polar opposites, when that doesn’t seem to be the case, at all. Nobody would expect a horse to be all over you like dogs do, so why should you have that same attitude towards cats when they don’t give you the same energy back?

  2. In the Western world the social and living conditions differ to the Asian World and i feel that in India both men and women tend to be “CAT HATERS”. In India cats are more preferred as pets by the Muslim Community as i personally observed during the recent held cat shown in .Cats being totally “Non-Vegetarian” are avoided as pets by Vegetarian Indians and this could have been one of the main factors for the late formation of a “CAT CLUB” and “CAT SHOWS” in India. Dogs are the most preferred and popular pets as dogs can be brought up on a “vegetarian Diet” unlike cats.Hence the “MISOGYNY” cat hater stereotype is not common in Mumbai and India.Its more to do with “VEGETARIANISM” and “NON-VEGETARIANISM” habits of the population.Another aspect is that some people are allergic to ‘Cat Dander” and hence this is also one of the reasons for being a “Cat Hater”. Last and least of all is the “SUPERSTITION” associated with cats in most cultures, Western or Eastern that makes them feared as well as envied.My observation is that women prefer cats as pets compared to men .

    • I found your comment interesting and instructional. An interesting division between vegetarians and non-vegetarians. It shows that personal tastes and preferences in areas other than the cat has an impact on whether we like or dislike cats.

      India cats are more preferred as pets by the Muslim Community

      I wonder if Mohammad’s well-known love of cats encourages this trend. I quite possibly does.

  3. I thought that the word misogynist means a person hating women or don’t like women at all.

    Are you saying that the women and cats are same? as in modern language (bad language) Pu**y cat etc.

    Well I have a reversed opinion about that if you mean that women hates cats, i.e. men are much cruel than women. Because at the end and if I may say at the start, women have a soft heart and sure motherly heart <3

    Sorry but I have refreshed my windows and my facebook account password is messed up, I am Ahsan ul Haq from Pakistan.

    However, here in Pakistan, women and men equally dislike cats and dogs. Because they think that it is better to spend money on their own rather than cats and dogs. And they have poor excuses (religious and self made) that have no base grounds.

    I think men are much cat haters. thank you, Michael <3

    • Yes, misogynist mean woman hater.

      Are you saying that the women and cats are same? as in modern language (bad language) Pu**y cat etc.

      What I am saying is that if a man dislikes women he might also dislike cats because he will dislike things associated with women or the things that women like. There is an overlap in tastes and preferences. Also there is a similarity in some aspects of behavior between women and cats as seen by men as states in this essay:


      There is this overlap in language too as you infer. I am not saying that women hate cats, the opposite. Most cat haters are men.

  4. I don’t EXACTLY know why…but I’ve always wondered that myself! (misogynists = not cat person)
    However, there are definitely exceptions to the “rules”.

    • Me too. I don’t know why either but it feels right so I decided to sketch out a quick page. I don’t think anyone else has made this point before so I couldn’t refer to anything. It was out of my gut.

  5. I don’t hate animals/birds at all. You might think I may hate dogs (twice when I was younger I was bitten by neighbors dogs in umprovoked attacks).

    But…growing we had owned dogs (back then I was more a dog person) . I admit, I didn’t like cats (but did NOT hate them…just preferred dogs.)

    Anyways…one time (mid 90’s) my brother had a dog/cat they didn’t get along and he asked my mom to take him (the cat) because he knew my mom would treat him well. I wasn’t a fan of cats and told her not to…told her we didn’t need a cat. Thank god she did NOT listen to me.

    The first person he came up to upon entering the house was ME!!! Walked right up to me as if to say “I hear you don’t like cats….god sent me to change your mind”.

    I fell in love with the little guy and he would follow me everywhere. He was a true friend! Even tho he was my mom & grandma’s cat…he snuggled his way into my heart!!!

    He loved my grandma, mom & me. When my grandma passed away in 2000 (she was 96) he became even closer to my mom & I. When my mom was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2004 …he stayed with her. She was always worried about him and before she passed away. I promised her I would take care of him while she was in the hospital.

    When my mom passed in Jul/04. My sister (who was executor) to my mom’s estate wanted to have him put down. I said “NO WAY”!!!! Mom loved him and she wouldn’t want that; I would take him!!!! I had him until he went to Rainbow Bridge back on Mar 8/13.

    I came to love him and I adored the little guy (his name was Shadow). I’m glad he was a part of my life and I miss him dearly!!! I DON’T HATE any animal…I try to care about them. The only thing I hate is ..people who hate animals!

    I get that, some may dislike a “type” of animal for whatever reason. Because they prefer one type to another or they don’t like animals at all. BUT…there is NO REASON to “HATE” a breed or species. “IF” someone does not like an animal..fine! It’s your choice..but if you hate them enough to hurt them. You become my enemy!! “IF” you injure. torture, maim, kill them. You will be in turn “hated” by me. I of course will want the same thing to happen to the person who does them harm!

    • Thanks J Martin. Lovely comment and wise too. Sadly quite a lot of people hate certain animals including cats. As you say there is no rational reason. So the reason is irrational and I am sure that most cat haters have irrational reasons to hate cats. One reason is a fear of cats. Some people are genuinely frightened of cats. There is still a lot of superstition around cats especially on the African continent. Superstition is a type of fear.

      In this article I was speculating other reasons why some people hate cats.

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