Miss Kitty – Our Rescue Cat

by Allan Guthmiller
(Henderson, NV, USA)

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My Wife and I adopted Miss Kitty as a stray 4.5 years ago from a co-worker who found her on her on the back porch.

She was quite an old kitty but did not want to send her to the pound, where she would no doubt be euthanized.

Tiffany Cat - Ms Kitty

My co-worker pleaded in tears for us to come to her home and at least see this stray cat.

Neither one of us were "cat lovers," however, when Miss Kitty (that's what we named her) met us for the first time, she came right to our feet, looked up with those golden eyes and gave a pitiful little "meow", we instantly fell in love her.

The vet estimated her age to be 15-18 yrs. She was deaf, hyper thyroid, and had dental issues.

But that didn't prevent us from loving her and making many trips to the vet for medications.

She was a very sweet cat, never scratched us, climb on furniture, nor entered a bedroom without us giving her permission. She was a very intelligent, sociable kitty, and a pleasure to have in our home.

She was also our business mascot, for we sell Halloween products as a side business. We never knew her breed until browsing this site.

She has the same brown black color contrast as Arthur, depending on the type of lighting. I've attached some pics. Sounds like this specie is a good quality pet!

Miss Kitty passed away May 15, 2010 of the infirmities of aging. We deeply miss her, and hope some day we will adopt another rescue kitty in her honor.

Allan GuthmillerMiss Kitty - Our Rescue Cat to Tiffany Cat

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Miss Kitty - Our Rescue Cat

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Jul 17, 2010
Reply to Ruth and Finn
by: Allan Guthmiller

Thank you Ruth and Finn for your kind compliments and comments. You're right, Miss Kitty adopted us. She must have thought we were just a cute as we thought she was. (g) My co-worker lived in a condominium complex with desert landscaping. There were a couple families that recently moved away, which gave us two probable thoughts on what happened. We think that they dumped Miss Kitty when they left, or she escaped from all the commotion of the move. When the family had to leave, Miss Kitty was nowhere to be found. We guessed she had been homeless for about a week because she dranked and ate two bowls! From what we can tell, she must have been an indoor cat (had all her clawls), handled frequently, and loved by her owners, because she was so friendly and well behaved to us. She purred constantly and was quite a "talker" too. In fact, we nicknamed her "Miss Meow Purr Kitty." We think she was trained with a squirt bottle to stay off the furnishings and bedrooms. Whenever we cleaned house and brought out the spray bottle cleaner, she would instantly disappear! Another amusing point was she had never seen a grass lawn before. She was afraid to step off the porch, pawing the grass for several minutes, before she felt safe enough to walk on it. Even though we had Miss Kiity for a short while, our lives are full of fun little memories.


Jul 15, 2010
Adopting an old cat
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Allan. I enjoyed reading about Miss Kitty, especially the first time you met her. Although you say you were no 'cat lovers' back then, she must have sensed you would be good to her. Cats have a way of knowing and actually it was her that chose you as much as the othe way around.
It is sad that she is no more, but she had a full cat life and some happy years with you. Thank you for all you did for her, I'm sure she will forever live on in the memories of your family.

Whenever opportunity arises I always promote the idea of adopting elderly cats like Miss Kitty. She was clearly no feral, so once she must have known a home, maybe have been love too, but she lost it all somehow, probably from no fault of her own.
Cats like her deserve another chance, so please everybody, when looking for an adoptee, don't just go for the cute kittens. There are plenty of grown cats with character and personality waiting at the shelters. I've already told about my own Snow White in https://pictures-of-cats.org/dont-forget-the-elderly-shelter-cats.html

Jul 13, 2010
Miss Kitty
by: Ruth

What lovely photos ! I'm so glad Miss Kitty had such a wonderful home for her last few years.
It's so sad she was homeless at her age and makes you wonder if someone threw her out because of her health problems.
I do hope you take in another rescue cat one day in her honour.
R.I.P Miss Kitty.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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