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Missing cat found in shipping container after 49 days — 6 Comments

  1. My previous cat “Trixie(1995-2007) went for almost over a month without food just surviving on water. She was suffering from a “VIRUS” and since i was away from home my aged parents didn’t know her ailment.On arriving home i immediately rushed her to the hospital and a single injection restored her back to normalcy over.It took her weeks to gain weight as she was reduced to a skeleton.Sadly i don’t have any photographs of her in that stage of her life.Yes cats can survive for long periods without food but do require water.I have written her life history, a cat that proved the fact “Cat has 9 lives”. :-


    • Thanks Rudolph. I am wondering how Pippa found water. There is only one possibility: condensation inside the container from her breath but that is her liquid being condensed on the walls of the container and it is not new water.

  2. I like how you put the onus of responsibility on all the cat-owner’s neighbors. Never once blaming the cat-owner for letting their cat roam free and getting into and destroying the property of others. That’s exactly why things like this keep happening — and far worse. You are not only encouraging but applauding criminally irresponsible pet-ownership. Nice plan. It’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault, isn’t it. Everyone can blame you for their cats dying and suffering. I most certainly do.

    • I like how you put the onus of responsibility on all the cat-owner’s neighbors.

      I didn’t do that. Where did I say that? Stop skimming the text and read it properly. If you are going to troll, try and do it properly.

  3. What an ordeal to live through! So glad she has a home to go back to.

    I shipped my kitties on a jet, from Hawaii to California in the cargo hold. They actually seemed fine, but that was only a 5 hour flight. I had to move without them, since I had no place to live, and was dependent on finding something after I got here. My son was caring for them, and although after 3 months of not finding a job, and house sitting, he said he had to send them.

    Imagine that I had my kitties with me during the next few months of house-sitting? Of course, I never said that up front. I tried other things, like offering to help at boarding places in exchange. But no one would take me up on it.

    I finally got a job, though I was still house sitting. I was lamenting my situation at work, and my boss offered to take them in! I could hardly believe my ears. She didn’t have any animals, and loved cats, so they spent the next 2 months with her. I visited them weekly to make sure they were o.k. and to re-assure them that I was still around.

    I finally got a flat, and we were all very happy to be united once again. They adjusted pretty well to all those changes of living in different places, and the journey over the ocean.

    At that time, I knew very little about cats, and how I could have made those things easier on them with Bach Flower Remedies or other things to reduce stress. During all my years of ignorance, they were very resilient, and resistant to health issues in spite of crappy, cheap food. But they were “indoor-outdoor” cats, and had access to the live, raw meat of geckos and mice from the macadamia orchards. I think that may have actually helped a lot.

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