Missing cat from California found 4 years later in Canada

A tabby cat who disappeared in August 2014 from her home in Watsonville, California went home over the weekend, thanks in part to a microchip.

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BooBoo came in as a regular stray to Guelph Humane Society (GHS) in southwestern Ontario, Canada on March 17. The now six-year-old cat, who was only two years old when she disappeared, had traveled about 3,000 miles (4827.81 kilometers) from where she went missing. Her owner, Ashley Aleman, said BooBoo had a habit of jumping in cars.

BooBoo reunited with her family

BooBoo was in such great shape when she arrived, Executive Director Adrienne McBride stated in an interview with SFGate

“She is so well-fed, she might need to go on a diet when she gets home. Microchips work!! BooBoo would never of found her way back home if it was not for her Microchip!”

Guelph Humane Society reported on their Facebook page

After searching for months, the family had given up on ever seeing BooBoo again. Since no one in the family had a passport, animal protection officers made the trip across the border to reunite the cat with a member of the family. BooBoo’s ‘grandmother’ flew from California to Buffalo, New York for the sweet reunion.

Olga Chmelicek, who was ecstatic during interviews of the reunion, made the cross-country trip because Ashley wasn’t able to be there personally. She described her emotional state to Global News as ‘in shock’

“After four years we either thought she had passed away somewhere or someone had her.”

Click below for a video of BooBoo back at home relaxing with the family and the family dog (who was her best friend before her disappearance).

So how did BooBoo reach Canada and what did she do upon arrival? Michael recently posted this article on missing cats. Most likely, BooBoo took up with a family and has been living well until she went missing again. What’s important is her original family had her microchipped and because of this BooBoo is back where she belongs.


3 thoughts on “Missing cat from California found 4 years later in Canada”

  1. Yes, microchips are necessary and this is another great reunion story. However, chips don’t work if no one scans them. The family that took in Boo Boo should have taken her straight to the vet for a scan and checkup. I have been with my current vets for about 13 years, and though they knew and trusted me, they still insisted on scanning a cat that I brought it. What I mean is I didn’t have to ask them to, and if I had asked not to, they would have scanned anyway. I don’t know what the law is, but it’s just good sense. From what I was told, vets are only required by licensing rules to guard a client’s information. Each state has their own regulations regarding pet ownership, and animal control has a duty to scan lost animals, but for vets it’s more of an ethical thing.

    • I wonder whether BooBoo had a new home she’d been in awhile and her owner’s saw her “reunion” on the news and know they’ve lost their cat.


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