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Missing Goleta cat reunited with family two months after running off during a ‘pee break’ — 3 Comments

  1. Exactly Elisa. Cats aren’t dogs. You can’t let them go on a pee break like that. As I read this I couldn’t believe they did that. I assumed maybe “they” took a break and the cat bolted from the car despite their control, but they had none. It was tantamount to abandonment, and indeed they ended up having to drive away, leaving her to die. The cat’s survival instinct is to hide, which prevented her from going to them but was probably what saved her from being eaten. This is a good example of how important it is to train your cat daily to answer to their name, so they come to you. 2 months, 4 pounds, my god…

    • P.S. I don’t know why they said she was 4 pounds when the scale read 5. Still, loosing 3 pounds in 2 months means she didn’t find anything to eat and was lucky to still be alive…

    • All I could think of is they must be 20 years old and no experience with cats. We always put a towel wrapped in a puppy pad in our carrier when we go to the vet with a cat. We don’t even go to those mobile vaccination clinics because a lot of cats are lost at them. We pay the extra few dollars and have the vet do it or we purchase the injections and give them at home. The only one the vet has to give is rabies.

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