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Missing Seal Point Siamese Cat, Fayetteville, NC — 11 Comments

  1. Noodle came home! It got cold and he decided to come home. Lets hope for the same outcome for Popcorn.

    I don’t know about Popcorn, but Noodle is not neutered. Unaltered male cats do tend to roam. Noodle’s owner claims they cannot afford to neuter him or would do so. Ten years ago I’d have said, “Yeah right, you just don’t want to spend the money.” But things are very, very bad economically right now for most people in the USA. It probably is true that they can’t afford it. Noodle was a barn cat. His life is better with his family. (Not that the life of a barn cat is all that bad.) If we say, “Don’t get a pet if you can’t afford it” then we are dooming more animals to short, hard little lives. But having the pet and not being able to afford basic care is heartbreaking too.

    Is there something PoC can do for Noodle, Michael? I’d be willing to donate something toward his vet care so long as the money went to the vet so we know that’s what it would be spent on. I did comment on the FB page that unless he’s neutered he WILL roam again, not to mention the whole feral kittens by the boatload issue. I know about that since my childhood cat Lucky fathered many a kitten after running away. The feral cat colony in the ravine by my mom’s house has several cats with his distinctive body type even today, so he definitely contributed to that gene pool.

    It was hauntingly sad to be missing our cat and then start seeing feral cats running around who resembled him, but weren’t him.

    I know that fixed cats go missing too, and Popcorn may well be one of those cats. When I was growing up the fact that a cat might go missing was just part of having a cat. I keep closer tabs on Monty, partly because this is a more urban area, but also because I couldn’t take that grief and worry again.

    • Yes cats do occasionally go missing. But are they really missing? They are proof that we don’t own cats. They just live with us. If they decide to go then that is their business.

      The problem is that the cat doesn’t realise how tough it can be without their human caretaker. They get used to being fed and probably believe that the same will happen wherever they are.

      Regarding Popcorn, if you can tell me what it costs to have him fixed and tell me how PoC can get the money to the caretaker, PoC will fund it as a Christmas present.

  2. There is a cat who looks almost like him missing since Wed Nov 27th in my hometown, Michael. Perhaps you saw him on FB since I shared that story, and that’s where the Nov 27th date came from– possibly. That cat’s name is Noodle and he is part Siamese, missing in Lake Delton, WI. Poor Noodle– it’s supposed to be two degrees above zero (Fahrenheit) this weekend.
    I hope and pray both cats come home safe and sound soon!

    • 2 degrees Fahrenheit is -17 Celsius which is enough to kill I would have thought even in a shortish time. I didn’t realise it was so cold there.

      I could have the date wrong. I was sent an email about this cat by a Humane Society so I decided to spread the word. I don’t know where these emails come from or why they end up in my email inbox.

      Perhaps some people know that we care about cats.

      • Where Monty and I live Lake Michigan moderates the climate. It can get that cold, but rarely does. My mom lives less than a half mile from Noodle and she told me about the two degrees predicted temp for this weekend. I think it was the predicted high, not the low, but I’m not sure. It gets a lot colder than two degrees there, and it will stay that cold for weeks at a time. As a kid I remember solid weeks of twenty below zero day after day! I call visiting my parents going “up north” even though it’s more west than north because in winter, once you are away from the lake, it feels more northerly, if that is a word.

  3. Leave posters all over the place! Make about 30 of them. Cover the posters in a sleeve of plastic and use duct tape to secure them to lamp posts and telephone poles. Include a brief description, large picture, your address & phone number, and date missing. Post them within a mile of your home. I have had 100% success with this method. I also have my pets collared with their name and just a phone number. I also micro-chipped them as a back-up. My heart goes out to you–missing a pet is heart-stopping, but taking measures can help. Michael–I have a copy of a poster, but it is in Word. Do you know how I can convert it to a JPEG?

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