Mississippi transports away to the north-east irresponsible pet ownership

Annually, Mississippi exports, by transporting them away, hundreds of unwanted cats and dogs to the north-east were there is a higher demand because of low supply. There is a low supply in the north-east because the area has a more enlightened approach to pet ownership.

Three unwanted cats from the south ending up north
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Three unwanted cats from the south ending up north. These though were rescued from a hurricane.

If a state like Mississippi transports to the north-east of the country unwanted cats and dogs this presents an outlet for irresponsible pet ownership. It encourages irresponsible pet ownership because the problem is transport away like magic. It is the equivalent of brushing a problem under the carpet. The problem goes away and is managed. The unwanted cats and dogs disappear and therefore in that moment there is no pressing problem and therefore there is no pressure to change.

I’m told that in the north-east many states have laws requiring dogs and cats to be spayed and neutered. And if the laws are not in place there is an ethos or a culture which imposes an obligation upon cat and dog guardians to spay and neuter their pets as an automatic and obligatory part of caring for them.

Unfortunately, in Mississippi, I’m told that there is no such requirement as it appears that the culture to spay neuter is not so well entrenched. This means that unwanted cats and dogs will continue to be exported from the state. And many unwanted cats and dogs will be euthanized.

Arguably euthanising unwanted but healthy cats and dogs is another way of brushing the problem of poor pet ownership under the carpet. If there were no exports and no killing of unwanted pets Mississippi would be overrun with unwanted cats and dogs and there would be uproar and enormous pressure on the government of the state to do something about it. There’s no such pressure.

I am thankful for the comment written on the The Dispatch Columbus in Starkville, Mississippi, website for the idea.

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