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Mississippi woman boasts about cat cruelty just like Kristen Lindsey — 8 Comments

  1. Interesting, so you think that all bow-hunters are on par with people that burn animals alive.

    I’m wondering if that woman got that photo from a site like this where they show how people’s TNR cats all die.

    http : / / tnrfactcheck . org / tnr-handbook . html

    The results look very similar. Are TNR people just like those that burn cats alive? I see no difference.

      • Woody’s style of writing gives him away every time, doesn’t it Michael.)

        He must really love this site as he can’t keep away 😉

        • Yes, Michele, his style is very noticeable and always the same in content and style. It is a style weighed down by anger and prejudice.

  2. Just another reason why I hate Facebook. She’s proof positive that idiots come in all colors of the rainbow. Reminds me of that kid who burned that pregnant dog alive back in my old neighborhood years ago. The mother and pups were later euthanized and as far as I know nothing was done to him legally. He went on to murder his sister’s boyfriend two years later. Such a fine upstanding citizen.

    At least the authorities are considering action against this moron. She might have taken her cue from the Lindsey case, but apparently Houston doesn’t have the money or the family connections to make a cover-up happen. Sucks to be her. I hope her life gets much worse. May she live in interesting times.

    Prayers for Lily. That little one didn’t deserve that.

    • Well said Serbella. You have hit the nail on the head. Facebook does encourage bad behaviour or it exposes it. These cat abusers seem to totally miss the point that what they have done is a crime when they advertise it on FB. It shows how disconnected they are with reality and common sense.

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