Missouri feral cat sanctuary takes in 17 cats whose owner was evicted

WarmFuzzy’s is a non-profit cage-free 501(c)3 sanctuary primarily for feral cats. Until a few days ago 28 cats and two dogs called it home. Owner Joyce E. Ellis recently took in 17 cats whose owner was left homeless. Now Joyce needs your help to support the new arrivals until a forever home can be found for each of them.

Warmfuzzy’s sanctuary takes in 17 homeless cats
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The owner of these cats was evicted and they all needed a place to go by the morning of Friday, July 7, 2017. Numerous other rescues and shelters were contacted and no help was coming. It’s been a bad kitten season and all rescues and fosters appear full. Joyce stepped up to help, as she often does in emergencies like this.

The cats are all spayed/neutered and tested negative for FIV and FeLV.

WarmFuzzy’s objectives and goals are:

* Rescue and provide lifetime care for abandoned or abused dogs and cats, other animals as deemed appropriate by the board of WarmFuzzy’s;

* Maintain a fund for a spay/neuter assistance program;

* Maintain an active re-homing program for adoptable animals;

* Maintain a spay/neuter policy for all of WarmFuzzy’s animals, unless deemed a health risk by a veterinarian;

* Emphasize the kinship of all life and rights of all animal species;

* Encourage foster care for animals in need;

* Humanely euthanize animals in cases of failed health, extreme pain, or when other health factors make it impossible for an animal to enjoy a reasonable quality of life; WarmFuzzys shall never euthanize animals to control the population of the sanctuary.

Donations to WarmFuzzy’s can be made via PayPal using email address Fuzzy1@warmfuzzys.org or by check to WarmFuzzy’s, 12501A NW County Road #14002, Drexel, MO 64742. A GoFundMe web page is also set up for those who wish to donate in that manner.

If you wish to adopt one of these beauties please contact Joyce for more information. Individual photos of many of the cats can be found here.

Joyce, her husband and those who help with her rescue mission work hard to provide the cats in their care with the best life possible. Some go on to forever homes while others live out their lives receiving the best of care by true cat lovers. Please send a few tax-deductible dollars their way if at all possible.


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