Missouri Man (USA) and Norwich Man (UK) – there is always one

“I want to see an end to these nasty attacks on cats. They indicate a deep rooted problem in society. They are like blisters bubbling up from below the surface indicating a poison beneath.” – Michael

Kane Louzander

Kane Louzander. Facebook profile photo. Note ‘hunting’ on his shirt.

Pretty much the world knows about the Missouri Man, the monster who liked to stomp on cats to kill them and then cut off their heads. It’s just totally insane. You have to be at least a little mad to do something like that. And there is always one in the online news. Missouri Man is Kane Louzander, 20. He’s America’s current crazy cat abuser.

Norwich man

Norwich man?

On the other side of the pond is Norwich Man. Law enforcement are yet to apprehend him although they have detained a teenager for the theft of a cat. It is thought that the young man was stealing the cat to do harm to him/her at a different location.

But in light of ongoing attacks on cats the police have stepped up patrols in an area of Norwich where several cats have been harmed. Six cats have been severely injured. A recent incident on 25th April involved a cat brought to a veterinarian after both his ears had been cut off. Bubba, 5-years-of-age, was slashed on his back as well.

You can visualise it or at least I can. A young man (yes, it is almost certainly a young man with mental health issues) drifts around the neighbourhood in Norwich, Norfolk, UK looking for wandering outdoor cats.

If he is carrying a cat carrier, he may be driving. He bundles a friendly cat into a carrier and drives off with the cat to a remote place not far from where the cat was abducted. He injures the cat and releases him. The cat wanders back to his territory where he is spotted and taken to a vet.

Yes, a lot of people will be scratching their heads and asking, “Why do these mad Brits let their cats wander around outside where it is dangerous?”

But the root cause of the problem is that there are too many young men who need help. They want to hurt something, anything, to get back for the hurt that they have suffered. The easy target, the ever-present target is the outdoor cat. And this applies to countries on both sides of the pond.

The deliberate injuring and killing of domestic cats by Missouri Man and Norwich Man is a reflection on modern society. It appears to have lost its standards and direction. I know that in the UK there is a crisis of mental health issues among teenagers. An astonishingly high percentage of school girls are self-harming as a way of coping.

Perhaps the way boys cope is not to self-harm but to harm others. Both methods take away the emotional pain of living in a difficult society where kids are often allowed to lose their way psychologically or are simply damaged.

I was a talking to a man in the gym yesterday about what it must be like to be 21 today in the UK. I said it is tougher these days for young people. I was lucky to be born in a simpler era in which there were no computers and therefore no social media. There was less competition and life was generally less stressful.

Our leaders need to do more to address mental health issues in young women and men in the UK. I can’t comment on the USA but I suspect there are similar social problems. It isn’t just a case of punishing these young cat abusers, we need to get to the root cause of the problem and remove it.

Of course there are domestic animal abusers in any era. My contention is that there are more nowadays than before due to modern societal pressures.

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Missouri Man (USA) and Norwich Man (UK) – there is always one — 2 Comments

  1. Yes, you have zeroed in on the root cause again, as usual. Of course both problems must be addressed immediately: punish the broken kids so they don’t break any more animals, and to deter others until they can be turned around to function normally, properly, painlessly and happy to live. Those people, when turned around, usually help others turn around who descended into murderous thuggery. One thing we can do over here is to get the current thug we have as president out of office. He’s been giving license to anyone who watches and listens to descend. His policies, actions and infantile… well everything about him is infantile. He’s also the best example of a totally permissive upbringing where daddy only provided him the means to carry out his worst impulses. We cannot do the same with him as our current father figure of the country. He’s the worst; he corrupts everyone around him, near and far. Fortunately Michael, you and I grew up in a different time, for if I were like him I’d kill myself. He’s the human equivalent of a microbial disease.

    • Actually DJT is around our age, but the difference is he never grew up, and the start he had was absent moral or ethical guidance.

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