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Missouri Man (USA) and Norwich Man (UK) – there is always one — 2 Comments

  1. Yes, you have zeroed in on the root cause again, as usual. Of course both problems must be addressed immediately: punish the broken kids so they don’t break any more animals, and to deter others until they can be turned around to function normally, properly, painlessly and happy to live. Those people, when turned around, usually help others turn around who descended into murderous thuggery. One thing we can do over here is to get the current thug we have as president out of office. He’s been giving license to anyone who watches and listens to descend. His policies, actions and infantile… well everything about him is infantile. He’s also the best example of a totally permissive upbringing where daddy only provided him the means to carry out his worst impulses. We cannot do the same with him as our current father figure of the country. He’s the worst; he corrupts everyone around him, near and far. Fortunately Michael, you and I grew up in a different time, for if I were like him I’d kill myself. He’s the human equivalent of a microbial disease.

    • Actually DJT is around our age, but the difference is he never grew up, and the start he had was absent moral or ethical guidance.

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