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Misty Cocoa Jasper and Cocoa

Misty and Cocoa are both declawed. They were declawed before I rescued them and both have decided to tell the story of how being a declawed cat led to being on death row at the local shelter.


Hi everybody! My name is Misty and I'm 10 years old now. I was declawed a few years ago because my people were told a declawed cat is a better pet. They were lied to. After I was declawed I got mean and hissed at everybody. I did this because I was afraid. You see, my claws were a part of who I am and they were stolen from me. So I learned to hiss and bite.

I guess I hissed at the wrong person because I ended up in a cold and funny smelling cage at the shelter. What did I do wrong?

I was adopted out really fast because I'm beautiful and also because I'm declawed. People are crazy in my country. A declawed cat is desirable. I showed that family desirable! I hissed and spit at them so much they took me back to the shelter.

I made a big mistake because the shelter put me on death row and said they weren't going to put me back up for adoption. I was going to die.

Then Mama saw me and she wrote to the shelter and told them if nobody wanted me she would take me home with her.

I have a good home now. I don't play because it's no fun to play when you can't grab things with your claws. I don't jump around much because without my claws I'm afraid of falling. I don't play with any of the other cats because if they slap me I can't defend myself. I'm okay with my cat family because they all leave me alone. I'm usually so quiet and withdrawn they forget I'm even there.

I do jump in Mama's lap a lot. And in Sissy Laura's lap too. They love me. I lost a lot of weight because I'm depressed. They feed me Nutra-Stat as a treat. I sometimes think of what it would be like to have claws again and be a normal cat. It's too late for me, but I want to warn everybody out there about how bad declawing is.

I have one cat friend. His name is Cocoa and he's declawed too. I'll let him tell his story now.


Hello dear friends. My name is Cocoa and I'm declawed. I have the horrible misfortune of being declawed on all four paws. I know it's unbelievable, but I promise you I tell the truth in the matter. What's worse is I was declawed because I have tooth and stomach problems.

When I began having problems with my gums, the vet suggested to my people that I would be easier to work with without claws. I had to take a lot of medicine for my mouth problems, and resisted being medicated as many cats do. I thought my vet was my friend. Until he told my family it would be easier on everyone if I couldn't fight being medicated.

He was correct. I was much easier to handle after I had all four paws mutilated. Oh the PAIN!!!

Over time my gum problems grew worse and my teeth had to be removed. I heard the vet say stomachitis. So I was robbed of my teeth. I have one tooth in the bottom of my mouth.

I soon fell into a deep depression and refused to eat. So my family took me to the shelter. I'm not a senior cat. I AM an older cat with no teeth and no claws. Not exactly what most people desire in a cat.

So I sat on death row for a few weeks. People would walk by and check out my beautiful blue eyes. Yet no one wanted a cat with no teeth.

Mother was asked to rescue me. I'm very fortunate in that I have a wonderful home. I eat dry cat food. Don't ask why I prefer it, I just do. I won't even sniff cat food from a can. I'm so glad I was able to convey my desire for kibble to Mother. I believe my taste in cat food came as a surprise to her.

I was ill the first few weeks in my new home and had to see the vet on several occasions. My stomachitis still acts up at times and I throw up my food. Mother understands and doesn't complain when I do.

I'm totally defenseless now. I don't play at all. Unless you count sitting behind Mother and chewing on her hair. She stops me before I actually ingest the hair. Perhaps it's just how I cope with the nervousness brought about by being declawed and defenseless.The only protection I have now is my size. I'm a very large cat and have practiced my fierce look to perfection.

I have two friends at home. One is my declawed friend Misty. We sleep on the same table. I consider us kindred spirits. My other friend is Jasper, who is truly the love of my life. He protects me should the other cats want to tease me for being clawless.

Now that I'm getting older my paws are really starting to hurt. I'm afraid Mother will have more expenses on me for medical treatment for my poor deformed feet. She assures me I won't be going back to the shelter. I'm with her for life.

My plans for the future are to be the best cat I can be. I send out a plea to cat lover's everywhere NOT to declaw your cats.


P.S. Please don't declaw your cats. They lose more than their claws. Misty and Cocoa have each lost a part of what being a cat is all about. I hope you learn from their stories. Being a declawed cat isn't solely about pain. It's about loneliness and isolation, as I hope you've gathered from their stories.


Misty was declawed then thrown away

A sad declaw cat moment

Cocoa is toothless and declawed

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Misty And Cocoa Are Both Declawed

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Oct 31, 2011
So awful
by: Leah England

My God Elisa I've read some sad awful things but this just makes me cry.

Thank god for people like you in your country, where this is shockingly the norm. Those poor babies. You are an angel.

Thanks God you found those cats but sadly there are so many more and so many that are going to be ruined for life by money hungry vets.

Poor Misty and Cocoa I just feel so sad how could anyone do it?

I would love to meet their previous owners face to face they (and anyone else who de-claws) are cold evil hearted, selfish excuses for humanity.

Oct 30, 2011
Try this article
by: Elisa

link broken sorry

Oct 29, 2011
being declawed/stomachitis
by: cinnamon chaisson

my screen name is at the top of the page, could you please pm me what the heck is done for stomachitis, this sounds like my cat. i have no money to take this senior to the vet, and he is losing weight. i barely have enough money to feed myself.

to the poor declawed cats, i feel so bad that stupid humans would do that to you. you and your mommy are very lucky to have found each other. purrs and head rubs

Oct 29, 2011
Hi Sweet Kitties!
by: Ann Wilson Smith

Hi Kitties,

I am a friend of your Mama's and a fan of all the kitties that she has rescued. I have 3 kitties and would NEVER think of declawing them! I don't care how much they scratch me or claw the furniture, that is part of having a cat and those who don't like it shouldn't have cats! I will admit though, I never realized how much it mutilates a cat to have the claws removed until I got on Facebook and met some other cat lovers. I thought they just pulled out the claws somehow-- not that they amputate the entire joint! That is ridiculous and unneccessary. It needs to be outlawed!! I am so glad your Mama rescued you both so you can be in a loving home. I know she takes the best care of you and loves you lots!

Oct 29, 2011
by: Walter and Jozef

Misty and Cocoa, we cats in England can not believe people there are so very cruel as to take cats claws away.
Even more unbelievable is that the cat doctors do it and even worse they recommend it. Well we hate going to our doctors here but we know that they never have been so cruel to any cat as to do that.
We can not imagine a life without claws, they are so very important to us cats and we use ours all the time.
We even heard that tiny kittens of only 10 weeks old are sometimes declawed there. However do they play with toys we wonder ?
A kittens great pleasure is playing. We used to play a lot and we still do even at 10 years old and we need our claws to play properly.
We don't understand how any cat can be happy without claws and we would be suicidally depressed.
Thank the Lord that your mother and Sissy saved you from death row and understand your problems and make your lives as happy as they can be without your claws.
We think you are extremely brave to tell your stories and we hope that people will read them and never ever ever consider declawing any cat or kitten in their whole lives.
It is so shocking to our people here that it happens there! Our mammies and all their friends say even if we lived in a country where it was done it would never happen to any cat because they love us so much and anyone who really does love cats would never ever be so cruel.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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