Misty And Her Declawed Paw Ulcer

Misty And Her Declawed Paw Ulcer

by Elisa Black-Taylor

Misty shows off her paw ulcer

Misty shows off her paw ulcer

Misty shows off her paw ulcer Our beautiful Misty Cocoa is toothless AND declawed Misty lives in a kitchen cupboard

Hi everybody! It’s Misty here again. I just wanted to give everyone an update on my life as a declawed cat.

I’ve got a boo-boo on my front paw. Sissy Laura calls it an ulcer and I got it because declawed. She checks my paws every day for sores. Today is the first time she found one. I guess I walk a little funny, being declawed and all. It’s kinda like if you had to walk and stand on your wrists. Not so easy, is it?

Anyway, Sissy put some cream on my paw. It’s not really bad yet because she was so quick at finding it before I hurt it any worse.

I really don’t see how I walk enough on my paws to hurt anything. I don’t enjoy walking like I used to. I can’t go outside because I have no way to defend myself. I don’t even like to play tag with the other cats. I’m afraid one of them will turn around and play slap me and find out I can’t defend myself.

It’s so depressing being a declawed cat. I have a new hiding place now. I like my new favorite spot because I can hide so no one will interact with me. I live in a kitchen cupboard above the sink. I managed to get the cupboard door open one day and liked it in there. Sissy cleaned it out so I’d have room to lie down and nap and hide.

Mama Elisa made some new pictures of me. She also made one of my paw so everybody can see the little sore.

By the way, that’s my happy look in my pictures. I really don’t smile anymore. All of the things I used to smile about were taken away from me. First when my former family had me declawed and then when my former family threw me away for behavior problems. They just didn’t understand that declawing me made me that way.

It’s really sad that the only reason I’m writing this is because of my paw ulcer. There’s no other need to write because things stay the same day after day.

Cocoa is still my best friend, but my new friend Miss Kitty lives on top of the refrigerator during the day to keep me company. She sleeps with Mama Elisa at night so I’m alone. I really don’t mind. I just wish I had the desire to play like I used to.

Sissy Laura pets me and holds me every day. I “talk” to her and I think she understands me. I’m still eating Nutra-stat as a treat because my appetite isn’t what it used to be. I’ve learned to paw at the tube to get an extra dab of it.

I’m sure my paw will be just fine in a few days. I have the best family in the world taking care of me.

I’m gonna go and let Cocoa have his turn now.

Hello everyone, Cocoa here. I lay on the television set and I lie on the back of the couch and try to chew on Mama Elisa’s hair. I feel the same as always. Robbed of my claws, my youth, my life! Goodbye for now.

As you may have noticed, Misty was in a talkative mood. Cocoa doesn’t have much to say. Declawed cats have been physically and emotionally deprived. Nothing can give back what’s been taken from them. All we can do for Misty and Cocoa now is to give them as much love and comfort as possible.

There’s a big difference between our declawed cats and our cats with their claws. It’s called PLAYING. Our declawed cats never, ever play. Not with us or the other cats. We don't know if that's because of physical or emotional pain. Both cats have been through a lot, first by being declawed and then by being abandoned and left to die on death row in a shelter.

Think about Misty and Cocoa and what declawing has done to their personalities. I compare it to psychosurgery, meaning it mentally destroys a cat.


Misty and Cocoa are both declawed.

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Misty And Her Declawed Paw Ulcer

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Jan 29, 2012
Poor Baby!
by: Ann Smith

I hope your paw ulcer is better soon. I know you are getting excellent care from your Mama and Grandma. I wish declawing was illegal. There is no reason for it and it is cruel. If I could give you back your claws I would!

Jan 26, 2012
Declawed kitties
by: Anonymous

I hope anyone thinking of declawing their " friend" look at and read this. This is such an inhumane practice, I can't believe we still allow it here in the States. I thought animal cruelty was illegal. I feel so bad for all cats that are put through this torture....and to be put through it, then be giving up to a shelter because " they are not the same lovable cat" is just heart wrenching! I too had some issues with my kitties clawing furniture....all it took was a place for them to claw, like my cat claw post and their cat trees. I put some two sided taped where they liked to claw my couch and chair, it took only one time of putting their feet on the sticky tape to move them elsewhere. I always praise them for clawing where they should! It has now been 4 years, not one of them returned to the couch or chair! I ask of all new cat owners, try something simple, like the tape, I have never known a cat that this has not worked on. If your are too lazy...them rethink having a cat to share your life with...they require more thought and time.

Jan 26, 2012
by: krackers75@msn.com


Simba, Little Joe, Snickers and Bootsey all hope you feel better soon. Of course, our mom, Lindy wishes you the best too Misty. Our mom doesn't believe in declawing, thank goodness.

Jan 26, 2012
To Misty
by: Auntie Ruth

Misty you are very brave to write about your poorly paw and let a photo be taken of it.
Not many declawed cats get the chance to tell everyone how horrible it is for them and how declawing has ruined your life so it is good you are speaking out for all the declawed cats who are suffering.
I'm so glad you are with Elisa and Laura who look after you so well. Supposing you lived with someone who didn't keep an eye on your poor mutilated feet, it doesn't bear thinking about how bad your ulcer could have got.
Take care and get well soon.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jan 26, 2012
Cocoa was upset
by: Elisa

One of the cats had come between us and had an angry expression for his photo. He's lost a lot of his black hair and turned into a very streamlined cat. He's built more like a Siamese-all muscle. He's attached to me much of the time and sleeps by me many nights.

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