Mittens Mama

Mittens Mama

by Toni

My son rescued a part Himalayan kitten as he was returning home from staying in another state. He rescued her from a Himalayan breeder who’s female had become pregnant by an unknown male while outside.

Our little Mittens is now over a year old and weighs around 4lbs. She has all the coloring and traits of a purebred Himalayan except she does not have as much of a pug nose.

She is tiny, loving and adorable. We feel blessed to have her in our home. We call her our “eternal kitten” due to her size.

Although not a purebred, I would love to mate her once before having her spayed. This needs to happen soon as she is driving us crazy with her very vocal ‘in heat” seasons. I am a responsible pet owner and am more than willing to keep any and all kittens that I cannot place in a good loving home.

If there is anyone in the mid Missouri area, (within 300 miles) that has a male teacup Himalayan they are willing to stud, please contact me.


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