Fuzzy person lover

Fuzzy person lover

by Val

Despite the docile tendency of this cat, my neighbors when I was a child had one that would chase dogs. This would never be an unprovoked attack, but pity any dog that would try to bully this cat. He would not just beat them up, but chase them out of the neighborhood after. I should have been fascinated, but was too busy laughing when I saw it.


i think people shouldnt kill tigers because they dont do anything to us.there just scared of you and just as we are scraed of them.

What breed of cat is she

by marktr37

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she blue grey with long legs very loveing

Answer: She is a lovely looking grey cat. It is not possible to say what breed she might be from appearance alone.

If you don't know it is probable that she is a random breed cat or a purebred mix (one removed from purebred).

Please see: What breed is my cat.

Update: Mark sent some more photos:

grey cat that looks like a Russian Blue or Korat

grey cat that looks like a Russian Blue or Korat

This cat is so lovein and brings her ball back to you so you can play..how mad is that lol

grey cat that looks like a Russian Blue or Korat

Having seen your second photo this cat looks like a purebred cat, either a Russian Blue or Korat. But without papers documenting pedigree your gorgeous cat is a random bred cat or a cat of unknown origin, in my estimation.

Thanks for showing me the extra photo.

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