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Mixed emotions on the death of 15 year-old two-faced cat — 20 Comments

  1. Although there were 2 faces, there was only one brain, so this cat saw itself as a single cat. To see itself as 2 cats, it would need 2 brains, which might share a blood supply, but generally not share much actual brain tissue.

    The “two face” condition is currently attributed to disrupted embryo growth due to a protein called “sonic hedgehog” which causes excessive widening of the face to such an extent that 2 muzzles are formed. Embryology researches have been able to create the condition in fish and bird embryos by implanting a bead impregnated with the “sonic hedgehog” protein into the area that differentiates into the facial region.

    I’m not sure of the incidence of this anomaly, but it’s developmental rather than genetic and can occur randomly in pretty much any vertebrate. In fact there’s so much scope for things to go wrong in developing embryos, it’s amazing that they ever turn out okay!

  2. God has a special place in Heaven for disabled animals and humans alike.

    God Bless Marty and Frank & Louie.


    • Beautiful words Eva. Yes, they deserve a special place because disabled humans and animals don’t really get a fair life on planet earth even in the 21st century.

  3. Frank and Louie never knew anything different– they lived their whole lives that way, so to them it was just normal. They would not feel embarrassment at simply being as they were born.

    Humans end up dealing with that– someone with a birth defect can be treated quite badly in society. I saw a tv show about conjoined twins, two girls, just living a normal life. They played piano together, they played baseball. Two girls sharing one body. To me they were beautiful and amazing but they and their parents had to, at times, deal with angry people who felt the girls should be hidden away from society.

    At least these cats never had their feelings hurt for simply living their lives in the only way they could.

  4. R.I.P. Frank and Louie. They were beautiful. I am just glad that they had someone who loved them to care for them. My heart goes out to her.

  5. Be at peace now,Frank and Louie. They had a long life and probably a good one for the most part.I never knew any of these cats had survived,let alone 15 years.

  6. R.I.P. beautiful boys.
    I don’t think that I have much of a problem with them being remembered in some way in a record journal or whatever. I don’t feel that Marty exploited them. That they lived to be 15 y/o is a testament to her caretaking skills.
    Their faces are so sweet.
    But, they were “throw aways”, defective end products.
    May all breeders be damned!

    • Yes, they are throwaways. I am sure some breeders just kill them as soon as they are born. I know one breeder kills newborns if they don’t look right. She doesn’t consider it killing.

      • It’s called dunkies. I’m sure referring to the time that unwanted kittens and puppies were and probably still are drowned.
        I think you can find your answer by reading about conjoined twins Michael. Because it is all they have every known they are often reluctant to be separated. We no longer put conjoined twins on display and neither should we with animals. Each birth deformity on an animal is distinct to the individual. Cats hide pain but I doubt he would have thrived if the pain was constant throughout his life.

    • No…they weren’t “throwaways” They were just unfortunate to be born with a genetic disorder. No less deserving the right to live a life… how ever short or long it may be as long as they healthy in other respects and the condition does not cause suffering or loss of quality of life.To kill them outright is just plain wrong. But since it’s just an animal or to some “mill breeders” the “cash cow” people would rather just kill them off and keep breeding from the same stock. Most times the genetic disorders start showing up when the animal is over bred and needs to stop breeding or when two animals are not genetically compatible( both carrying the same recessive or dominant genetic traits that mix together cause mutations not normally compatible with life. Genetics are always the luck of the draw in animals as well as humans. But then we don’t go around killing humans that get dealt a crappy hand of genetic cards do we? That’s because “we” consider ourselves above or better than just a mere animal. And fail to see that they have emotions,feelings,independent thoughts and needs.
      I give Martha “Marty” Stevens kudos for seeing past their genetic problems and gave them a chance to live a full life… which sadly can’t be said for the many stray and shelter cats and dogs whose owners thought THEY were throwaways!

  7. RIP beautiful baby/babies Frank & Louie. . . I’m glad you had a wonderful life. . .you are in God’s loving arms now. . . ♥♥♥♥♥

    Being that this is such a rare genetic thing, I think the kitty/kitties should be remembered in some annals someplace — Guiness is not a bad place to remember such a special kitty/kitties. . . ♥♥♥♥

  8. R.I.P Frank & Louie. I never knew that a “@-FACE CAt” existed since they normally die in infancy.These cats remind us of the most famous joined human twins in society “The Siamese Twins”.This cat deserves a place in the “Guinness book of World Records”.

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