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Modern day version of how domestic cats spread throughout the world? — 3 Comments

  1. Then they all woke up from their wonderful dream when it came time to find homes for those cats that they spent so much time and money on. For there were no homes for them. You can’t even give a cat away in the U.S.A. anymore, worth less than a penny each. In fact, any cat is now an automatic debt on society. That’s why they have to destroy them by the thousands in shelters every day. There are more cats than any homes for them, or will ever be homes for them ever again. “Cat-lovers” have so relentlessly shoved cats into the lives of so many that never wanted them in the first place, that even people who used to like cats vow to never own any cat ever again.

    You have made people despise both you and your cats.

    Good luck finding homes for things that nobody wants. (You people should be able to relate to that, don’t you. It’s precisely why you only love cats today and hate all humans.)

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