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Modern vs Traditional Siamese Cats — 13 Comments

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  3. I am a proponent of the traditional Siamese. What bothers me is the propensity of people to genetically manipulate a breed to develop ‘extreme’ traits. I do not agree with that practice with Siamese OR Persians. The modern Persian has been KNOWN to have difficulty eating certain types of kibble. Face is too flat. That breed is an absolute abomination. If you breed for extreme traits, they should be traits that would not affect it’s ability to survive on it’s own. When you start playing in that field, you are in the wrong. Period. I question whether the modern Siamese could survive on it’s own due to the extremely slender and fragile appearance.

  4. I just HAD to chime in again! While all cats are beautiful- and I mean that to the extreme- I have never met a kitty that I thought was unattractive.

    This said, I so prefer the appearance of the “modern” Siamese and of course the Oriental shorthairs. But I cringe when I see some of the extremes that a handful of breeders have created- not only do these kitties look like aliens from another planet- they are not the healthiest of the bunch.

    My lilac point Oriental, Dr. Hush Puppy, in my opinion is what a siamese should look like. But I couldn’t show him in a CFA show as a Premier (neutered) because of his coloring. He looks like a Siamese rather than an Oriental- and if he had been bred to a Siamese- all the kittens would be “Siamese” in appearance.

    I wanted to add a photo here of one the most lovely Blue Point Siamese males- who was top cat in the country many years ago. This photo was taken in 1969 and not the best quality.

    But not only is he beautiful- he was exceedingly healthy and was immune to FIV- and became a blood donor at Sloan Kettering for scientists doing research into HIV and FIV.

    His name is Felitan Frodo- the sweetest kitty that I was unable to accept as a gift from the breeder- and if I did, he would have been neutered.

    So as a very pricey stud kitty-just as any pet kitty in a loving home he had run of his home most of the day- wearing a diaper to prevent him from spraying everything in sight. He was awesome.

    • Dr. Hush Puppy is not that extreme. Slender yes but not overdone.

      I believe the standard Siamese should be what is called “old-style”. This is a little more slender than Hush Puppy.

      You can see the various types on this page (why are there so many types of Siamese? There shouldn’t be. I think this is a disjointed cat fancy.

      • I don’t think that pic is of Dr. Hush Puppy.
        But, I’m shocked by it.
        I’m certain someone would call animal control here to pick up a sickly looking cat, not at all realizing that he was a top cat.

  5. If the long bodies, legs, whip like tails & large ears seem sickly, inhumane & unnatural, how would you explain the African serval & the cheetah?

  6. Thank you so much for putting it in perspective and standing up for the original Siamese cat! (or Thai cat if you want to call it that now.) They are a beautiful and special breed and in my opinion the modern skinny cats are truly an abomination. Of course, every individual cat is a beautiful creature, I am not blaming the cats themselves, but they are sickly, unbalanced and truly ugly. Imagine if some other creatures bred people that way! For a particular and extreme appearance, despite bad health and short lifespan. Would you stand for it? I want to say that PETA should get involved and shut down the extreme modern “siamese” catteries. In my humble opinion it is animal abuse and torture in the extreme, to breed a sickly cat with a short lifespan. End of story. Long live the traditional, original, appleheaded Siamese!

  7. When we first saw the modern Siamese at cat shows in the 1980s,I thought they were strange-looking. (Our first Siamese, born in 1974, was a very traditional type.) But in 1989, we got a modern wedge-style Siamese. He was the sweetest, most companionable cat we ever had and after looking at him daily for a while, we came to love the long nose and big ears. Now I prefer the modern look. I do not find it freaky or anorexic. I think those of us who love Siamese can agree to disagree without all the name-calling and derogatory descriptions.

  8. EXTREME modern? No, outrageously hideous! Just like the American imbeciles who ruined the Arabian horse and turned this ancient breed into a freakish seahorse who is all extreme bulging forehead and tiny muzzle and screw the rest of the anatomy.

    You “modern” Siamese breeders ought to be f-ing shot for creating a ratlike enormous eared freak with a pointy vermin face and anorexic body that looks like a skeletal alien wearing a traditional Siamese costume. IDIOTS.

    • I have got to say, I agree with you although I would not put it in that language! A lot of people strongly dislike the very odd looking modern rat-faced Siamese.

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